1.4 Fun Builds #1 – The Highlander – Ballistic Shield Tank Build



This build is based on the Ballistic Shield skill with Assault Shield mod and requires two high-end items:

  • A Resourceful Backpack, that makes all healing you do be applied to your skill objects (your shield);
  • A Decisive Gloves, that gives you 35% headshot damage on your pistol, allowing your sidearms to be actually effective DPS-wise.

MarcoStyle and others use those with a Sentry Call’s set and have their build a lot towards the DPS side. This is most effective, in my opinion, in the PC version, since one can hit a lot of headshots extremely fast with the Assault Shield. On the console this is not as effective and I was looking for a TANK game play and not DPS, so I did some major changes to the build:

  • I’m spec’d heavily into stamina, having over 5000 stamina and lower firearms;
  • I use the Nomad set instead of any DPS-oriented set, so that I can be even tankier and be able to revive not once, but twice (due to Revival Link) every 4 minutes, making my enemie’s life a pain;
  • I use a X45 Pistol, instead of First Wave X45, because it deals a little more base damage in turn of a smaller clip.

This is what I had last week ;


My DPS with the sidearm sits at around 240K when I have my shield up, and it also raises my toughness to around 500K, making me a viable tank even when players manage to hit my body.

In order to make this build work you need a few other things set up:

  • You need Ballistic Shield Damage Resilience mods in every performance mod slot (I got 4 now with 4.5% each), so that you can be a true tank when your shield is up;
  • You need the Combat Medic talent, that not only heals your friends but also your shield. With my current build I can pretty much up 100% of my shield with one medkit with this talent + resourceful backpack;
  • You need Chain Reaction, so that your grenades deal 20% more damage and this will be your main damage dealer.

With all that you can effectively turn yourself into as much of a tank as this game allows, being able to resist many group of players (takes more than 3 minutes in a 1×1 for some one down me – if he manages it, and even groups of 3 to 4 players take something like 1-2 minutes to finish me off, allowing my friends and other players to come back).

In PvE it’s actually quite effective since you can 1×1 even the toughness enemies, including the big flamethrower dudes, and you will be able to aggro mobs allowing your friends to “glass cannon” them without major issues. You literally run through mobs in the DZ and even use them as partners when being chased by other players.


  • If you’re outnumbered, look for corners. Simply sitting with your back to the wall won’t do it since 2 players can position themselves in opposite sides and have a clear LoS of your body. But a 90 degree corner makes your shield protect most of you on every line of sight, allowing you to survive a whole lot (many groups with simply giveup killing you at some point);
  • Use your grenades wisely and you will be able to down a lot of players. I’m talking about 50+ rogue player kills in one week. Wait until they are trying to rush you and 2-3 players are right in front of you, throw the frag grenade in front of you and don’t worry if you are hit as well (it’s supposed to): you will be able to survive the blast easily, but they won’t. Keep firing those headshots to make them use their heals or fall off one by one. Enjoy the look on their faces as they notice they got raped by a single tank guy with a shield;

I use Expert and Harmful on my pistol, so that I can bleed enemies and help on Crowd Control. I use Revival Link to make sure I and my friends survive. There’s nothing like being able to revive an important player in a 4×4 and completing turning the tide of the battle.

If you are solo and your revival link gets popped, you will lose your shield. So run!

Goat Out

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