~1.7Mil DPS, 220k Armor and constant healing (PVE – PVP)

Weapons :

  • MG5 (or any LMG of your preference) with Unhinged ( +25% weapon damage, -35% weapon handling ) and Allegro ( +10% rate of fire )
  • for the mods 10% stability and 2×10% accuracy ( to get back that -35% we lost from the Unhinged talent ) and 5% rpm on the mag
  • any AR with Preservation to get that extra healing after kills and I would suggest Jazz Hands as a passive talent ( I will tell you why later ) You can use an SMG also it would be better for pvp
  • mods put as much reload speed as you can ( I will tell you why later )

Gear :

  • Mask : you can go with any mask that has 37% DTE or more
  • Talent : Hard Hitting ( 15% DTE )
  • BP : Petrov Defense Group ( 10% LMG dmg ) and weapon damage instead of chc or chd ( Try to find a BP with only one Offensive slot so you can get max weapon damage ( I got 8% )
  • Talents : Hard Hitting ( 15% DTE ) and Efficient (50% chance to not consume the armor kit)
  • Chest : Gila Guard ( 5% Armor ) and weapon damage instead of chc or chd, And it has 3 mods slots 2 Defensive and 1 Offensive, I got a mod that adds 5% armor, for the other slot you can use any mod that adds extra incoming healing as it would buff Patience from the Kneepads and Preservation on the AR, For the Offensive slot put weapon dmg
  • Talent : Unstoppable ( 2% weapon damage for every 10,000 max armor ) when I’m full armor I get 44% weapon damage after a kill, which is ~2.5mil dps
  • Gloves : Murakami Industries (8% Health) with LMG dmg
  • Talent : Devastating ( 5% weapon damage )
  • Kneepads : Fenris Group (10% AR dmg) with Armor
  • Talents : Hard Hitting and Patience

Now the best part, for the Specialization a lot of people use Sharpshooter when they go for an LMG build to get that extra reload speed and accuracy, But still it takes a lot of time to reload an LMG, To avoid this problem and also gain an extra 15% LMG dmg since we will go with the Demolitionist, we will be using Fill’er Up talent on the holster, Which is a very underrated talent imo,

  • Holster : Douglas & Harding (5% Accuracy but Airaldi would be better if you have it with Fill’er Up talent) there is no Weapon dmg on the holster so eaither go with crit chance or cool down reduction or health

with Fill’er Up talent ( Reloading from empty reloads all weapons )

So here is how it goes, first I use the MG5 once it’s empty I swap to the AR and use it until it’s empty ( Remember I told you to put reload speed on the AR ? ) because we will be using it to reload the MG5 so once it’s empty it reloads the MG5 swap again and you will never realod the MG5.

Put in mind that the AR will deal a lot of damage also since we will have a total of 43% weapon damage and the 10% from the Kneepads. If you went with an SMG you will make use of the 15% smg damage from the demo.

IMPORTANT : For the sidearm I’m still looking for something with Greased talent to get that 10% swap speed,

Note : This build could be a little bit better if you used the talent Compensated on the gloves but you need to have 3 or less offense.

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