A Step by Step Basic Guide on How to Build Your Agent

Step 1 / What is the build’s focus?

  • PvP
  • PvE
  • Group
  • Solo
  • Combination of the above

You first will decide what kind of gameplay your build will be catered towards.

My Ninja Turtle build is going to be solo based with an emphasis on farming Challenge Missions and Control Point Tier 3 and 4. No PvP or Darkzone consideration (until they buff the rewards in DZ).

Step 2 / Identify the strategy and your style of play.

Decide on the type of guns and skills you’d like to use, and what type of engagement you will have with the enemy.

I enjoy using rifles. I know the mobs at high levels hit very hard so I want to keep my distance. I’d like to keep my sustain up as well – meaning I want to minimize time that I will spend healing myself. That would translate to more time doing damage.

Step 3 / Identify Key Talents and Traits

This is a great resource for planning your character

Pick and decide which awesome talents you want to build your character around.

Weapon Talents are very straight forward, so we’ll only talk about Armor talents.

What is an Attribute?

Attribute are built in stats (armor, damage, cool down reduction etc) that comes with the armor. They are categorized into offensive, defensive and utility.

What is a mod slot and mod?

Mod slots also comes with the armor in the same 3 categories. Within each category, they are split into either system or protocol. The two have their own pool of stats that it comes in. Mods are the pieces that go into these mod slots. Generic mods can go in any of the 3 categories of mod slots, but they must still fit the system or protocol slot requirement. On armor, the attributes are semi randomly generated but the mod slot types are always fixed.

What is the ODU pie?

The ODU pie shows how many attributes and mod slots (that is occupied with a mod) you currently have in each of the three category. Some of the talents will require you to have a certain amount of type in order for that talent to work. An example is the Unstoppable talent require you to have a combination of 7 or more defensive attribute and mod slots.

It’s important to note that a defensive mod slot will count towards the defensive number. The mod itself will have no impact. Sticking a generic mod that has 3 offensive stats into a defensive mod slot, will still count as 1 defensive towards the ODU pie.

Choosing Your Build Around Armor Talents

Go through the list of talents that you want to build around. Take note of which armor pieces will have this talent and its requirement.

For my sustain strategy I want Patience. Which will auto heal me when I stay in cover. Patience only appears on Kneepads. The talent requirement is 7 defensives or more.

Brand Bonuses

Some of the brand bonuses are really good and worth aiming for. Like the 2PC Badger Tuff is really popular for SMG offensive builds or builds that need a lot of self heal. For our Ninja Turtle build, we really like Gila 1 PC (total armor) and Overlord 2 PC (rifle dmg and total armor) 3pc is also good but we aren’t going to be clamoring for it.

Similar Requirements

Requirements can be hefty so you want to see if there are other talents that share similar requirements so you are not paying the cost just to satisfy one talent.

For my Ninja Turtle build, Unstoppable is a natural fit. We need the damage since we are giving up a lot of offensive opportunities with the 7D requirement. It also has the same requirement as Patience. And the more armor we stack, the better it becomes. The more armor we stack, the more heals from Patience talent too. This does not mean we can try and go face tank though! Note that this talent only spawns on the chest armor.


Now we consider synergies. What other talents will go well with our core talents?

For my build, it’s Armor. More armor makes both unstoppable and patience better and they both contribute to our game plan of increasing damage and sustain. Hardened (10% armor) would be an excellent talent to have. Safeguard (150% to healing and repair, require 5 or less offensive, backpack) would be another useful talent to have.

Bloodsucker would be another talent to die for. But having two active talents on a vest is going to require some favorable RNG and giving up of certain bonuses, so we’re not going to lose sleep if we don’t have it.

Do Not Forget About Damage

Damage is still a high priority stat. You will not be able to farm anything if you everything you kill takes a full clip. So it’s important to maintain a balance of offensive and defensive stats. A good rule of thumb I’d like to have is that I have to be able to kill at least two or more elites in a single clip of my rifle.

Step 4 / Planning for the Gear and ODU

Now that you know the talents and bonuses you want, it’s time to do research and planning. Certain armor pieces can only roll certain types of talents. Vice versa, certain talents only appears on specific armor pieces. Armor talents are grouped into active (circle with a arrow pointing up in the center) or passive (circle).

For the core build, we want the following

  • Vest with Unstoppable (an active talent)
  • Kneepads with Patience (an active talent)
  • 1 piece Gilga and 2 pieces of Overlord
  • Minimum combination of 7 defensive attributes and mod slots

Gilga comes in Kneepad, can roll active talent AND it gives us 2 D mod slots. That’s 3 birds with 1 stone, we get patience, gilga 1 pc, 2 of the 7 d requirement.

Now we look at Vest options. Since we also want Overlord 2 pc, and overlord only comes on 3 types of armor – gloves, chest and kneepads, we have our decision made for us. Our vest and gloves NEEDS to be Overlord Armaments.

So now we have the items required for our build:

  • Gilga Kneepads with Patience
  • Overlord Armament Vest with Unstoppable
  • Overlord Armament Gloves

The rest of the pieces can now be focused on improving our damage (I went to maximize crit chance, weapon damage and total armor) and sustain. We just need the 7D to activate Unstoppable and Patience talents. And a lot of prayers to RNJesus.

So that’s how I approach making builds in the Division 2. I hope you found it helpful! Feel free to ask any questions!


Why is my build called Ninja Turtle?

Patience is a Turtle and Unstoppable Force is a Rhino, so…

What kind of content can you do?

Solo Challenge Missions and Control Point Tier 4. Pretty much solo everything in game at the moment.

What weapon are you using?

MK17 Rifle with Ranger (more damage the further target is) and Optimized (Weapon Handling).

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