All Keychains and locations

All keychains locations as of now!

TO BE CLEAR – Keychains are purely cosmetic items.
They hang off the bottom of your equipped backpack and serve no other purpose in the game. They exist purely for cosmetic collectors.

  • Teddy Bear – Pre-order bonus (may be Gold Edition exclusive, may be Uplay exclusive, may be PC exclusive. Nobody really knows with 100% certainty! Information from the year 1 road map regarding editions (link on the right of the top banner) states that it’s a PC ubistore exclusive but there are reports of pre-orders from other places and on other systems that have it so seriously, who knows…)
  • Capital Building – Participate in Open Beta activities (no longer available).
  • Supply Crate – Complete Darkzone East intro mission during Open Beta (no longer available).
  • US Flag – Achieve highest Shield tier in The Division 1.
  • Space Shuttle – Air and Space Museum, when the shuttle crashes through the roof, search the cockpit.
  • Skeleton – The Skeleton keychain is located during the main mission DCD Headquarters. You can find it in the morgue, after you jump down the elevator shaft. Instead of going up the steps to continue the missions, explore the area to your left and you’ll find a human skeleton model. That’s where the collectible is
  • Plushie Hippo – Upgrade the Theatre Settlement twice, it comes with a new raised area up on the roof. The hippo is in a box on the new roof area.
  • Gavel – Play through the main missions, you get it after rescuing President Ellis.
  • Plushie Flower – Upgrade the Campus settlement twice. Its on a raised area above the Stage. Small little walkway with a flower bed at the end.
  • Gold Bar – Comes from the Bank Vault mission, in the vault, inside a deposit box.
  • Blood Vial – In the outcast stronghold, it is in a dresser before you drop down to a underground tunnel.
  • Hunters Axe – Kill hunter NPCs and collect 8 keys to open the Ivory Chest in The White House. You get a weapon, shader and keychain
  • Ice Hockey Player – From /u/RoadSign5 I found a Ice Hockey player bobble head during the missions inside of the Basketball/Ice Hockey Stadium. I only noticed it after I was checking over the loot at the end of the mission so I can’t tell you exactly where inside of the building it was found.
  • Armpatch and Dogtags – From the True Sons stronghold, possibly from killing the end boss.
  • Lincoln Bust -In the Lincoln Memorial mission, about halfway through in a giftshop
  • Jefferson – TBD

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