The anti bumrusher build : Centurion Fire

DISCLAIMER : You will not be able to take on 4 man gank squads, solo with this build. Other players in the DZ will hate you and start targeting you.


Build premise: It is a hybrid build that solves the weakness of two common builds. Anyone who has used a shield build in the DZ knows that it offers great protection, but other players will run at you zig-zagging until they hug you while hipfiring. Skill power turret builds have the opposite problem. They keep players away but you are very squishy. This build aims to solve both problems by combining a Shield with a Fire Turret.


Key elements to the Build

  • FireTurret with Fire Damage perf mods
  • Assault Shield with Damage perf mods
  • Centurion pistol ( Has Provident and Intense, with a high base damage )
  • FireCrest ( 3 – 4 piece)
  • Relentless Backpack ( The only heal that you have)
  • Colonel Bliss Holster – To increase your DPS and EMP players/turrets.


Build screenshots:

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