AR Build, Skill Based, Built for PVE Heroic

I stumbled into this build by way of a stupid 44% DTE rolled Mask with Spotter and a low haste that I modded to 399 SP (cap), but I find it to be super fun and effective in just about any situation. I mainly run PVE Heroic & since I don’t have a regular group to play with, or a lot of time to play every week, I have to focus on one style that can handle just about any situation. That being said, the more I play around with this build, the more I can see 3 different styles to it – Gunner, Boomer, Team Leader / Jack of all trades. Very useful for a filthy casual like me. All I have to do is change the second skill and move around some of my mods and I can load up a Chem Launcher for any occasion. Fire seeker with added burn strength, etc.

The Build (boomer is my default for solo and PUGs):

Demo Spec

-3 7 7 Red-Blue-Yellow

-250k Armor, 130k Health

-3x Gila, probably the best all around set in the game. 3x because Pulse is used in this build all the time and the 15% extra SP Helps getting those higher mods into the skills. Patience on the knees, On The Ropes, Hard Hitting on Backpack

Nothing on Holster – and you gotta skip both red slots sadly, keeps compensated up on gloves (below). Losing 4% AWD and 8% AR Damage the slots for 15% damage boost makes it a slightly better option. 3% more damage overall for AR, plus more for my LMG backup gun, because I do run out of ammo a lot. More on that in a sec.

-1x Alps Gloves with 12% AR dam, Utility Slot (20% haste yes thank you), Compensated Talent

-1x Fenris, 10 % AR Damage. Chest for me. Unstoppable Force Talent

-1x Wyvern Mask, 44% DTE, Spotter, 399 SP (re-rolled for this build from 7% haste) Sad to waste the talent on the mask, but for the rolls and talents I had to live with it.

-Pulse – 2600ish SP, 14.5 sec duration, 15 sec cooldown. Near 100% uptime means a practically permanent 20% weapon damage boost. Don’t shoot unless it is pulsed most of the time.

-Seeker Clusters- 2600ish SP, 370k Damage, 4 mines, 14 sec cooldown. Keeps the damage flowing, but won’t be a knockout 1-punch deal. Picks up many trashed kills from hurt mobs – which procs unstoppable force even from cover. I find this to be a very satisfying part to the build. The clusters are a steady flow of damage and often get cleanup kills or soften up targets


-P 416, Optimist, Allegro, In Rhythm, 22k damage as it sits in my inventory, no idea if it is a god roll, but I have yet to find a better gun combo of damage + RPM. Once I get that mag for extra bullets it is over. Also have a AK-M that does 24k damage, 60 rounds, optimist. The P416 just does more damage faster, where the AK is better for longer ranges and sustained DPS. I switch them out pretty regularly.

-L82 LMG, Unhinged, Accurate, Overlap. I run out of ammo in long fights with this build, so having a backup gun with comparable damage and reload speeds is a god send when running low, plus the bonus handling is always good when holstered 90% of the time.

-Pistol with rooted. Always helps.

AWD: 11%

AR Dam: 37%

DTE: 54%

When On The Ropes, Unstoppable Force, Spotter and Compensated proc together: 80% Bonus Weapon Damage. Paired with Optimist you start seeing some very high numbers like 100k+ headshots on a 825rpm gun – which by my math is roughly 1.375 million DPS in spurts.

Even with no talents procced, I still do enough damage to live for the few seconds I need to get off another skill / paint with pulse.

-If you want to change to a Gunner CC Build, switch to gunner spec, swap the seeker for Blinder use guns with eyeless on them for even 20% more damage. This makes you a big boss killer. Pulse, Blind, Shoot. You drop astronomical amounts of damage like this, but only for about 4-5 sec on a single target like a boss. Probably not bad for PVP either, but I don’t get down on PVP. Really helps on hammer tanks and grenade tanks since they push you from cover a lot. Another option is the riot foam launcher for locking down spawns and problem NPCs. I like the CC style a lot. Probably only second to this new Boomer variant. This variant also grants more survivability with armor on kill with gunner (pairs nicely with patience) and ammo management since you sling some serious lead with that P416. Handling bonuses while still also help with accuracy. All good things.

-Jack of all trades / Leader build: Switch cluster to fire seeker or chem healer if your boys can’t stay vertical. Lets you adapt to whatever the field needs. I like to float around helping teammates with this variant, Survival spec. Crossbow for bosses and mecha dogs is money. Fire Seeker or launcher helps with crowd control, plus grants 10% damage to teammates when an enemy is under status effect. Subtle but effective way to help the team.

Essentially this build allows me to play multiple roles on a team, solo, change and adapt to most situations. Finding it hard to play anything else personally since this build mixes skills with I love with respectable gun damage and even superior when all skills and talents proc together. Also, pulse helps your team WAY more than you think with the wall hacks. Positioning gets easier and getting caught off guard gets harder.

Hope this helps anyone deciding what direction to take their build. I know nothing can be replicated 100% but this is a good guide to hopefully point you in a new direction. If I missed something huge – please let me know.

Is this raid viable? I’d like to say yes. You have 380k effective health pool, patience,

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