Best PVE Farm Route – 450+ crafting mats/hour

Best PVE Farm Route – Farming like a pro.

All routes can be completed in an hour (depending on how many enemies you run in to) You’ll encounter plenty of NPC’s along the way for an extra chance for crafting materials. My best run I collected 65 items to deconstruct for a total of 487 materials. Time was 58 minutes.

The first few were obviously slow but I had the route down by the 4th time and was able to run to locations without having to mark most of them which cut my time down by a lot.

I recommend stacking scaveing and skill power. Run sticky bomb with the 3rd mod and seeker mine or pulse for increase bullet damage.

I’ve excluded nearly all rooftop and sewer/subway locations. The ones listed are optional. They’re listed either because they connect 2 routes, they’re along the way, or finish off a route.

These work great if you want to hop around matchmaking to other people’s servers.

If you choose to only do 1 I strongly advice you run the east route as it gets you the most resources per minute.

So here the best PVE farm route, If you wish to stay away from darkzone


Sources: /u/djinfish


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