Complete Kill 30 Cleaner boss, Shotgun HS kill and Close range kill the same time.

Kill 20 Cleaner boss It needs to kill the Heavy flamethrower cleaner only. idk why other cleaner boss doesn’t count

Shotgun HS kill and Close range kill need to be on Severe or Critical Outbreak, WT5 and hard above

Build: Any AR/LMG+Shotgun build would be fine. I used 5pc Classified Lone Star + Barret chest. MG5 and Super 90

Solo, so no one steal u kill. Go to Subway Morgue, reach the end final room


First wave 3 NPC, stand on the stair (the closed stair to where the first wave NPC spawn and contamination only affect when you’re the same level with the NPC so on the stair ur not) kill one NPC close by the side of the stair, then the rusher come close and HS it with shotgun and kill the other close if u can and pay attention to u health.

Second wave 3 NPC, kill the Ak NPC first with LMG, stay on a stair, let the 2 rushers come and kill it with HS shotgun close.

The third wave just kill it all far away with LMG, don’t waste time on this 3. (but u can get close and do it but I just skip it)

Final 3 NPC and the boss, stay on the same stair, boss comes out shot the weak point on both sides of his leg then he just die, let the 2 rushers come and kill it the same way then go close to the last AK NPC let him kill u with the contamination then restart at the check point and do it until u finish.


This way u can get 5+ HS and close range kill, plus do the boss too. I find this way better bc team up with other u can’t just do it bc another kill it faster and u need to get close and not enough health to kill. At least this way u can get guaranteed kill from it.

I don’t speak or write English so sorry for the terrible grammar and explanation, hope u guys understand it.

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