Comprehensive Exotic Loot Location Guide

This is a compilation list complied from the data-mined information found at

For Exotics from caches:

A roll occurs as to if you will receive an armor piece, or a weapon.


Another roll occurs to determine which one you will receive.

(1/6) for armor. (1/20) for weapons.

This is how we come to the odds.

Any given weapon is 2.5% Any given armor piece is ~8.3%.

This is true unless mentioned otherwise.

Exotics drop from Last Stand Caches at 1%.

Exotics Drop from Field Caches at 1%.

This differs from the .14% value from before. Don’t really know why.

Exotics drop From Survival Caches at 1%.

Underground Caches Drop Exotics at 1%.

1 Exotic Drop 100% from Weekly Caches and Exotic Caches

From Dark Zone Leaderboard Caches.

If you have a Medium Cache, you have a 50% chance of receiving 1 exotic. Both Weekly and Monthly.

If you have a Large Cache, you have a 100% chance of receiving 1 exotic. Both Weekly and Monthly.

There are no chances for an exotic in small caches.

Specific Item Drops

Barrett’s Chestpiece

is Dropped By Larae Barrett in Lexington Event Center at a 1% drop rate.

Bliss Holster

Drops from the Bliss boss at around 2%.

Joe Ferro’s Mask

Drops from Joe Ferro at 1%.

Ninjabike Backpack

Drops from DZ bosses at 1%.

(3/100) for exotic (1/3) for armor.

Shortbow Kneepads

These drop from Madison Field Hospital Boss at 1%.

Skull MC Gloves

These drop from Open World Bosses at 1%.

(3/100) for exotic (1/3) for armor

Caduceus and Tenebre

These drop from Open World Bosses at 2%.

(3/100 for exotic) (2/3) for weapon

Warlord, Medved

These drop from Falcon Lost and Clear Sky respectively at 5% on both challenging and heroic difficulties.

Golden Rhino

Drops at 5% from the Fire Truck in Dragon’s Nest on either difficulty.

Hildr and Eir

Appear to drop at 2% chance for either one of them from HVT bosses.

Hungry Hog and Midas

These drop from Dark Zone Bosses at 2%.

(3/100) for exotic (2/3) for weapon.

The Thompson M1928 and the Tommy Gun both appear to be rewarded from Dark Zone Supply Drops and Contamination Events at an unknown percentage.


Urban MDR and Showstopper

Drops from challenging mission bosses at 2%.


The bullfrog appears to be an exotic reward from Dark Zone contamination events at an unknown drop chance.

The other exotics are either irrelevant, or do not have a boss drop location. Only Caches.

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