Crit/Headshot Calculator for Excel – research and optimize your stats

Hi guys and gals,

One of the most frequent questions I see lately in the Reddit Division community and elsewhere is how to balance crit-related stats (CHC, CHD, and sometimes HSD) to achieve optimal damage output. To that end, I’ve developed a theorycrafting calculator for Excel to help players solve problems related to crit and headshot stat balancing for their builds. More broadly, my hope is that this tool will promote more extensive research on the topic and advance the Division community’s knowledge base.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This calculator is designed specifically for use in recent versions of Excel (such as 2013/2016). It may not display or function correctly on older or similar software, even if it can open Excel files. Compatibility is a pain =(

The calculator allows you to compare the damage potential of different sources of crit and headshot stats (such as weapon mods, certain talents, etc.). Enter your starting crit and headshot values, excluding those from the sources you want to compare. Then enter those sources in the comparison boxes, and the calculator will display the relative damage gain from each source (vs. not using that source).

To let you account for your own aiming accuracy in generating results–because no one likes on-paper results that don’t translate to the “real world”–the calculator also uses an improvised stat called “headshot chance” (HSC) which lets you estimate, based on your own experience, what percentage of your hits are headshots. This is necessary to determine how valuable headshot damage (HSD) is for your build.

For now, this calculator will function for all weapon classes in PvE–PvP has its own modifiers for body shot and headshot damage, and while an updated version is in production to include a PvP mode, I wanted to make the PvE release available as soon as possible.


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