D3-FNC build for both PVP and PVE

Tanky/Electronics build items

Stats to Work With:

  • Main Stats should be 3 electronics, 2 Stamina
  • 2 Health Rolls, and 2 Skill power Rolls wherever possible
  • Should at least have some stat rolls on Bleed Resistance and/or Burn Resistance.
  • 1 ammo capacity roll on Vest at least; ammo burns out fast on D3FNC builds

Mods to work with:

  • 3x Electronic Gear Mods above 240 with Skillpower
  • 2x Stamina Gear Mods above 240 with Health/Skillpower
  • 4x 5% Ballistic Shield DMG Resilience/Resistance performance mod

Shield Smasher/Firearms build items

Stats to Work with:

  • Main Stats should be 4 Firearms, 1 Stamina
  • Skill power EVERYWHERE
  • no specific resistance comes to mind here. hehe.
  • 1 ammo capacity roll on Vest; Backpack optional for the longer sessions

Mods to work with:

  • 4x Firearms Gear Mods above 240 with Skill power
  • 1x Stamina Gear Mod above 240 with Skill power
  • 4x Ballistic Shield Damage performance mod

Essential SMGs

  • Navy MP5 or MP5 ST
  • AUG variants
  • First Wave Vector 45 ACP
  • Vector 45 ACP
  • MP7
  • PP19

Weapon Talents

  • Responsive
  • Deadly
  • Unforgiving

High-end gear pieces to use

  • Reckless (increased damage in trade of loss on toughness)
  • Savage Gloves with SMG Damage, Crit Chance, and Crit Damage (highest rolls if possible)


  • Firearms build has a weak af shield; hence why you need the skill power rolls and stats
  • Tanky build works wonders during those long and damaging sessions; plus you can soak up most of the incoming fire whilst teammates pick off their respective targets
  • Main stat rolls should be 1220 and above (i.e. 1250 Firearms)
  • Gear Stats for Skill power should be at least be nearest to the max possible roll
  • Don’t use SMGs with lower Rounds Per Minute (RPM) i.e. 600; big no no. Despite the high damage, its slow fire will be a setback.

This is basically how I ran D3FNC from its release up until now. #ShieldBrother

Edit: Spelling and Formatting errors; new details.

Like some of you, I hesitated to try the D3-FNC set because it seemed always be promoted as a tanky support build. In fairness it can be but not in the ways I thought.

Most seem to build this set with an emphasis on toughness and skill power but I wanted to recommend something different. Something that I find much more rewarding and it’s quite possible you will as well.

It’s a DPS oriented D3-FNC Build with zero squishyness that can solo Challenging Missions and Underground

Let’s get started and I’ll try to be both legible and brief.

The Gear Set

Ideally the equipment slots you want to remain free for use of other gear are in order of priority: Backpack, Gloves, Vest.

For a your Backpack you need Inventive which gives you 15% more skill power at full health. It’s relatively easy to stay at full health with this build and it’s benefits proc when you equip your shield which more often than not is at full health. This will yield higher skill power than a specialized backpack since your focus is not Stamina.

For Gloves you want Savage. It goes without saying most of what you shoot will be out of cover and this results in a huge boost to your off sheet DPS total.

For a Vest you have a few options should you prefer to run a vest over gloves. The best options are Barrets or Reckless. Reckless will come at a cost, albeit lower than a non-shield build since the resilience that the shield gives you will help to offset the difference. Note I don’t run reckless, IMO the trade off is not worth it.

I run Vest, Mask, Knee Pads and holster from the D3-FNC set and a Inventive Pack with Savage Gloves.

Gear Stats

You will want 3 Firearms pieces and 2 Electronics pieces as the holster rolls all three. There is variation available for how you want to spec your gear minor and major rolls but in spite of what sheet DPS may say The best majors are Health on 3 pieces, and Skill Power on 2 pieces.

The gloves are really where your “god roll” potential lies. If you manage a high roll Savage with CHC, CHD, and SMG Damage you’re there.

The Gear Mods I recommend and run 3 Firearms w/Health; 1 Stamina with Health (for a gun perk); and 1 Electronics with Skill Power.

Some may opt to run Skill Haste here, I’ve found it’s not beneficial vs the increase in shield health the additional Skill Power yields.

The 3 main Stat Balances In a nut shell the stats should fall at about 6500 Firearms, 3000 Stamina and 5000 Electronics.

As modded I sit at (this will vary based on your weapon as well) 303k DPS, 304k Toughness and 205k Skill Power. Your SMG damage can of course be lower and the SMG that works best balance wise with this build is at 279K DPS.

The Talents

Tactical Link- I will be able to use this at least 4 times during any challenge mission because your skill power is sufficient.

On The Move: Killing a target while moving gives you 15% Damage Resistance.

Precision: Head shot a hostile to Pulse them for 10 seconds (again because of your high skill power this is a huge off sheet DPS boost).

One is None: Because…Bullets and less frequent reloads.

Combat Medic: This of course helps your team but more importantly if you are ever caught in the rough and are about to loose your shield popping a med kit will add more health to your shield.


First Aid: Booster Shot Mod for the increased damage (one could run a Vigorous Vest but again, I find it unneeded).

Ballistic Shield: Obviously lol. The mod doesn’t matter as you only get the Master Mod.

Performance Mods

Things to know:

Shield Resilience = Damage Mitigation for the user

Shield Damage = Weapon Damage increase for user while shield is active (this wont show up on your DPS but can be verified at shooting range).

Shield Health: Increases amount of damage shield can take before being destroyed.

I have found it most beneficial to run 2 Shield Health mods and 2 Shield Damage Resilience mods.

Weapon Talents

You CAN run your fav DPS SMG here as well but for optimal use while still being a murder machine I recommend in order of priority:

Responsive: Damage is increased by 10% when closer than 10 meters. You will get this to proc early and often.

Deadly: Critical Hit Damage is increased by 15% or so. Self-explanatory here.

Predatory: Grants 35% healing over 20 seconds. This keeps you from using med kits until you want to for your shield over 90% of the time for me.

Talented: Killing a target grants 15% increased skill power for 20 seconds. Seems kinda weak but in reality the boost in health to your shield/damage mitigation, damage of your weapon, strength of your booster shot heal/damage mitigation/weapon damage and cool down reduction means this is the 1 talent that actually boosts all of your stats every kill. It doesn’t stack but it refreshes with every kill. If you try it you see it’s pretty damn powerful.

Note Predatory will have to be a free perk to proc, this build wont meet it’s stat requirements and though it’s really useful, outside of the most challenging content it’s a fairly neutral trade if you pick up talented instead.

Others may desire competent or destructive. See what fits your play style best but Responsive and Deadly are staples to still feeling and being powerful.

Weapon Mods

Do as you please but Majors need to be CHD. Optimal rolls are CHD, CHC, Head Shot Damage and maybe some optimal range and reload speed if all else fails. By now I’m assuming we’re in agreement that Mag size and ROF are the imperatives for a magazine.

Practical Application

I can solo every challenge mode mission with this build as described so don’t let the “seemingly low to some” toughness fool you. I have with no issue run this build in Legendary missions as you can get revives and any damage dealt to you is first absorbed by your shield health, your heal is stronger than average as are your cool downs for running support station during Legendary Missions and you’re the only guy who can’t be one hit KO’d by melee.

Sometimes I even use the unloved Midas as a secondary during these missions to debuff the rushers. You’d be surprised how much easier it is for your team when you run D3FeNCe between rushers and your group while debuffing shotgunners.

The shield will heal over time so if it hits the fan just run around for a bit and your shield will heal up wile not taking damage. Use line of sight breaks like standing with the shield behind cover while shooting to help preserve shield health. While not necessary the goal isn’t to tank everything constantly. Your shield health will be over 1.4 million and you absolutely can be aggressive but don’t get flanked.

Lastly, as I was saying with the Midas, you can switch weapons by either going into cover or sprinting. I usually just run for a second and switch to a different SMG when the rushers come if my team is in a bad spot.

Anyway thanks for reading and I hope it proves helpful. I just though this set deserved to be highlighted for the DPS monster it can be and not trapped in the shadows of 400k Toughness 300k skill builds with squirrel farts for bullets.

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