All Dark Zone Key Chest Locations

All Dark Zone Key Chest Locations

Some chests can be tricky to find, also not everyone knows that some bosses are protecting more than 1 chest.

Here the Maps of every Boss in Dark Zone where all Chest are located.

Chest Spawn each 2 hour, but you can use matchmaking to change servers.
White Mark are underground boss.


In every DZ there are 4 chests, except for DZ04 and DZ05 where I was able to find only 3. If someone knows the location of the 4th (assuming that a 4th exists), please let me know.

(Maps are interactive, so you can click on chest’s number to jump to specific minute.)

Here the map with all DivTech and Chest:


After patch 1.0.2 keys chests have a chance to drop High-End (Gold) items.

Source: /u/steven_991

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