Demolition Expert (4 Tacticians / Barretts/ Relentless)

Demolition Expert 

4 Tacticians / Relentless Pack / Barrett’s Chest

3000 FA / 2875 STA / 9000 ELE

200K’ish Gun DPS / 230K Toughness / 350K flat (450k tacticians Skillpower/ 470-500k’ ish with Talented /Tacticians stacks/Death by proxy)


Glass cannon demolition expert with self-sustainability. Legendary tested and approved. More dps can be achieved through Inventive, but this is all about flexibility. Sticky bomb BFB is your main source of damage and when combined as described below you start doing ridiculous damage to grouped enemies. I’ll try and screenshot next time but 10 million damage collectively across 5-10 enemies as they come out the door in the timed section of Warrengate is completely possible. Combo breaker if you pin them down in the same spot with a Turret at the same time. Single shots vs Elites are around 1.5-2million. Its burst damage is exactly what you need to just about one shot legendary support stations and two shot healers. You’ll also find that by swapping a single piece, your backpack, for something like Inventive or Specialized you can transition to a dedicated healer with a swap of 1 gear piece and a few talents. There is not much you can’t do when you start getting in the 450k skillpower range, skills get really strong. A few examples below:

  • Sticky BFB 1.1-1.3 Million ( 15.3 sec) (Before Damage to Elites and EAD is calculated)
  • Turret Dragon Breath 12-15k per tick/ spreads to all with wildfire ( 15.5 sec)
  • Seekers Cluster 75-85k each (9.9 sec)
  • Seeker Air Burst 185-195k (9.9 sec)
  • First Aid Defib 419K ally heal / 235k self heal (12.7 sec note this is a 210K instant heal and than a really strong HOT for your team)
  • Support Station Life Support 18-20k/s


By stacking EAD, DTE we significantly up the damage of our skills. Relentless translating damage to healing lets sticky serve as your booster shot. A flame turret serves as a support station heal over time. You’ll also find that skills are affected by the weapon carried in your hands so having Ferocious / Destructive / Predatory increases the Damage to Elites and the Enemy Armor damage our skills do. On top of that when they trigger a kill it will give you a heal over time from predatory. The problem is that when you get to almost 9k skillpower you will not have the FA or STA requirements to unlock those talents. So the fix is to run a 204 weapon with lower unlock thresholds. Your dps is based on your skills so the drop isn’t noticeable and the increase to your skills is massive. Your secondary can be a 256 gun, preferably something stable and fast. You use this gun to build up your stacks and proc Talented for even more skillpower, just make sure to switch back to your “skill” gun before deploying or firing your abilities.

Relentless: 5% of the damage dealt by skills is returned as healing.

Skill Haste: 50% Capped out, critical as uptime on your skills is your source of healing and DPS.

Enemy Armor Damage: 64% if you cap it out, 26% on Gear, 23% AR native, 15% Destructive. A lot of the NPC toughness is still armor based. It’s the difference between a quarter of their armor and one shotting an elite

Damage to Elites: 36% if you max it out 26% on gear 10% on Gun. Just like EAD this is what lets your sticky, seeker, and turret really shine.

Stacking Skillpower Bonuses 10% Barrets, 10+30% Tacticians, 15% Talented, 20% Death by Proxy

Gear Breakdown

What are the Main Stat rolls for your build?

5 Electronics Gear Rolls / 0 Firearms Gear Rolls/ 0 Stamina Gear Rolls / Holster


High native armor rolls are helpful for better toughness but the Major and Minor attributes are what make this build.

  • Relentless Backpack – Skillpower / Ammo Capacity (Backup healer role Specialized – Health / Ammo)
  • Tacticians Gloves – Haste / Enemy Armor Damage / Assault Rifle Damage
  • Barrett’s Chest” – Haste / Enemy Armor Damage / Ammo
  • Tacticians Holster – Haste
  • Tacticians Kneepads – Skillpower or EAD / Damage to Elites/ Disrupt Resist / Fire Resist
  • Tacticians Mask – Enemy Armor Damage / Damage to Elites


  • Gear: Electronics + Skill Haste (Note the Haste Cap is 50% once you reach 50% sub for ELE + Skillpower, you may also have to run 1 FA + Haste mod for the 204 gun talent unlocks)
  • Performance: 4% Sticky Mod Damage x 4 (Sticky is your best damage, but 4 x 4% Turret damage can be subbed)
    • I run sticky damage performance mods in all 4 slots so I don’t have to worry about swapping my second talent and mods to fit the circumstance as I’ll often swap the turret for seekers if I’m fighting longer range.
  • Weapon Mods: Extended Mag, HSD scope and Silencer, stability and ROF on the secondary to build stacks. Not super important to the build.


  • Any 204 Assault Rifle: (23% Native EAD) Destructive / Ferocious / Predatory
  • MG5: Competent / Talented / Destructive
  • M45A1 or M1911 : Expert / Competent ( If you’re not worried about people freaking out over lower gear score Swap for a 204 Pistol Expert / Coolheaded)

Skills and Talents Breakdown

  • Skills
    • Sticky Bomb: BFB
    • Turret: Dragon Breath
    • If fighting long range sub for Seeker mines
  • Talents
    • Wildfire: Apply burn for a chance to apply burn to all within a range
    • Demolition Expert: Additional explosive damage after explosive kill
    • Chain Reaction: Additional damage on hitting multiple enemies
    • Shrapnel: Allows the BFB Bleed to spread. (Can sub for Death by Proxy additional skillpower on enemy skill kills if facing many enemy skills)

Closing Thoughts or comments:

Amazingly versatile build, its low toughness for sure but I promise you using cover to cover moves I’ve been the one pushing Legendarys back by using the Dragon breath Turret to control an area.

P.S. If you see the 250 Gear score guy rocking all the Legendary / Heroic clothing items. Its me I can handle it, don’t freak out because the “undergeared noob” is in Legendary and kick me.

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