The Division 1.2 “Conflict” Free Update arriving May 24. Agents, be prepared!


Conflict, the second free expansion for The Division, is coming to Xbox One, PS4, and PC on May 24, bringing with it a new Incursion and a number of changes and additions aimed at high-level players. To offer a more detailed picture of what’s in store next week, Game Director Petter Mannerfelt answered some pressing questions about what Conflict means for players, for the Dark Zone, and for The Division’s loot.

What content will be available with this second free update?

Petter Mannerfelt: In our second free update, Conflict, we are increasing the amount of high-end loot drops, and adding four more gear sets. Players with a high gear score will also be able to enter a new high-level Dark Zone bracket.

Also, players can now hijack ongoing extractions in all Dark Zone brackets and Sealed Caches will now have a chance to drop from named enemies.

In the open world, we are introducing Search and Destroy missions, which will reward you with intel to help you locate High Value Targets.

Clear Sky, an additional group-centered Incursion, has also been added.

What kind of new items are you introducing with this update?

PM: With Conflict, we are introducing new high-end weapons and four new gear sets:

  • Final Measure is a new defensive set.
  • Hunter’s Faith is a new long range set.
  • Predator’s Mark new support set.
  • Lone Star is a DPS (damage per second) gear set.

Hijack Extractions are now possible in the Dark Zone. How does this new feature work?

PM: Players will now be able to interrupt an ongoing extraction by cutting the rope to have all the attached loot bags drop to the ground. This means that you will have to defend your extractions to ensure the loot doesn’t get stolen.

Will I go Rogue if I hijack an extraction?

PM: Yes, you will go Rogue if you hijack an extraction.


What are Search and Destroy missions, and how do you get access to them?

PM: You can find the Search and Destroy missions in the safehouses of named zones once all side missions and encounters have been completed. The missions lead you to locations in the open world where groups of enemies are located.

Can you elaborate a bit more on High Value Targets?

PM: High Value Targets are dangerous faction leaders. They are a threat to society and need to be stopped. Complete Search and Destroy missions to be granted enough intel to find the whereabout of these targets. There are both daily and weekly High Value Targets contracts, and some of them require a group effort to complete.

What are Sealed Caches, and where can they be found?

PM: Named enemies will have a chance to drop Sealed Caches in the Dark Zone. The Sealed Caches contain mystery items which include gear, division tech and Dark Zone funds.

Do Sealed Caches need to be extracted?

PM: Yes, Sealed Caches are contaminated and need to be extracted.

What is the backstory of the Clear Sky Incursion?

PM: In Columbus Circle, Rikers have seized one of the anti-aircraft sites abandoned by the Last Man Battalion. Now, they control the entire Manhattan airspace, and are taking possession of the supply drops.

How many players does Clear Sky support? Is it still up to four players?

PM: All Incursions are designed for teams of four players. They are also accessible for one to three players, but the missions will be very challenging, as enemies are scaled for four players.


What loot can I expect for completing Clear Sky?

PM: On Hard mode, you can expect High End items with a 204 gear score, and Gear Set items with a 214 gear score every time you complete the mission. You also get double rewards the first time you complete the incursion every week.

Challenge mode rewards you with gear score 204 High End items and 240 Gear Set pieces every time you complete the Incursion, as well as double rewards once a week.

Are there checkpoints?

PM: Yes, there is a checkpoint after the first encounter.

In the Clear Sky Incursion, will it just be my group, or will there be other players to encounter, like in the Dark Zone?

PM: You will only see your group while playing the Incursion.

The Division’s Conflict expansion will be available free to all players on May 24 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. For more on The Division. Be sure to tune into The Division Twitch channel on Thursday, May 19 at 10AM PDT to see more of Conflict in action.

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