Division Guide on Faction NPCs


  • Bruiser: Lightning symbol. Armed with baseball bats or golf clubs if Elite. Their hits deal damage and stagger.
  • Lurker: One chevron. Armed with pistols if Normal; Veteran and above wield the SMG-9. No additional equipment. Patch 1.6 changed the Lurker by adding several extra appearances, such as a man in a ski mask or one with a surgical mask and beanie.
  • Daredevil: Grenade symbol. Armed with pistols at all ranks. Normal and Veteran Daredevils use tear gas grenades that cause Disorient but deal no damage. Elite and Named Daredevils throw incendiary grenades. Daredevils have one weak spot on their backpack – an explosives pouch that instantly explodes when destroyed.
  • Daredevil (female): Star and two bars. Armed with the T821. Appears only as Elite or Named enemies. Female Daredevils are equipped with frag grenades and share the same weak spot. Most frustrating to take down due to their ‘dancing’ movement style.
  • Heavy Weapons: RPG symbol. Armed with the RPK-74. Appears as Veteran and above. Heavy Weapons enemies have an ammunition box on their backpack that cooks off when shot, leaving them temporarily immobile.
  • Lookout: Crosshairs symbol. Armed with an M1A and pistol for close range. Appears as all ranks. Weakest ranged unit.


  • Runner: Lightning symbol. Armed with an M870. Appears as all ranks. The weakest of all Riker’s enemy types; identifiable through their black bandanas and vests.
  • Enforcer: One chevron. Armed with assault rifles (Military AK-47M or Police M4). Appears as all ranks. The most common Rikers type. Identifiable through their ski masks and blue police jackets.
  • Boss: Two chevrons. Armed with Navy MP5-Ns. Appears as Veteran enemies and above. Able to throw flashbangs. Identifiable through their ski mask and baseball cap.
  • Slinger: Grenade symbol. Armed with the T821 at a Normal rank and Navy MP5-N as Veterans and above. Throws frag grenades. The weak spot is a grenade pouch on their thigh. Identifiable through their stolen police motorcycle helmets.
  • Guard: Shield symbol. The heavy of the Rikers faction, armed with an M249 Para. Appears only as Elite rank NPCs. Also able to throw frag grenades. The weak spot is an ammunition box on their backpack. Easily identifiable due to their height and police vest with riot helmet.
  • Hitman: Crosshairs symbol. The only female Rikers NPC, armed with a sniper rifle and pistol for close range. Appears as all ranks. Otherwise identical to other faction snipers. *Large Barrett: Grenade symbol. The leader of the Rikers faction only encountered at the end of Lexington Event Centre. She shares the abilities of the LMB grenadier – an M32 grenade launcher.


  • Shield: Lightning symbol. Armed with fire axes and bulletproof shield. Appears as Normal to Elite enemies, no named versions. Shield on Normal NPCs can be destroyed, but it is more efficient to aim for the head.
  • Sweeper: One chevron. The most common Cleaner variant encountered. Armed with Classic AK-47s equipped with an improvised flamethrower. The weak spot is the large napalm tank on their back. Appears as all ranks. Elite Sweepers exhibit different behavior if their weak spot is destroyed, instead of immobile panicking, they will charge at the player. Easily identifiable through their black rubber suits, orange safety vest, and green boots.
  • Fumigator: Grenade symbol. Armed with pistols as Normal enemies or the MP7 as Veterans and above. Normal and Veteran enemies throw incendiary grenades; Elite and Named enemies throw gas grenades that disorient and do damage. The weak spot is their grenade satchel, which explodes when destroyed. Identifiable through their silver fumigation hoods and green vests.
  • Incinerator: Shield symbol. Armed with a heavy flamethrower that requires periodic refills. Incinerators only appear as Elite and Named enemies. Capable of throwing incendiary grenades. Incinerators have 3 weak spots – a gas tank on their left, an explosives pouch on the right, and a gas canister on their back. Easily identifiable through their height and equipment.
  • Controller: Crosshairs symbol. The Cleaner faction’s sniper. Equipped with the M1A or a pistol at close range.
  • Mechanic: Wrench symbol. Armed with an M870. Can deploy an automated turret that engages players and other faction NPCs. If an Engineer is killed, the turret begins targeting any NPC then self-destructs. Note that one Engineer deploys only one turret at a time, but multiple turrets can be kept running by only one Engineer.
  • Collector: One chevron. Armed with a Classic AK-47 and no attachments. The Collector only appears in the final room of Dragon’s Nest. The character model is based on the Shield unit and therefore has no weak spots.

Last Man Battalion

  • Scout: Lightning symbol. Two variants exist – one with a red balaclava and ski goggles, another wearing a white hood and gas mask. Ski goggles Scouts are armed with an SASG-12 and assault rifle, switching between them based on distance. Gas mask Scouts are armed exclusively with the SASG-12 and can throw shock grenades. Scouts appear as all NPC ranks.
  • Rifleman: One chevron. Equipped with the Police M4 as Normal NPCs, P416 as Veterans and above. No special abilities, but are dangerous in numbers as they will provide suppressing fire while others flank your position. Identifiable through their white helmet and a ski mask.
  • Rifleman (spec ops): One chevron. Equipped with the ACR; Elite Riflemen have suppressed ACRs. Veteran spec ops Riflemen can throw flashbangs, Elite ones will throw a white phosphorus incendiary grenade. Identifiable through their black tactical helmets and night vision goggles.
  • Squad Leader: Two chevrons. Equipped with a P416 set to single fire. Encountered only as Elite and Named NPCs. Also able to deploy white phosphorus grenades. Identifiable through their comms gear with antenna and white ski masks plus headset.
  • Grenadier: Grenade symbol. Armed with an assault rifle and M32 grenade launcher. Encounterable at any rank. Note that LMB Grenadiers function differently. Their grenades are launched and so follow an arc to the target; in places with low ceilings, they may harmlessly hit the ceiling. Due to the nature of 40mm grenades, they have no fuse time and detonate on impact. Roll when the distinctive M32 firing sound is heard. Possesses one weak spot – a grenade pouch on their back that cannot be hit from the front. Identifiable by their black helmet plus ballistic goggles.
  • Gunner: RPG symbol or shield symbol. Armed with an M249B as Normal NPCs or M60 as veterans and above. Shield Gunners are Elite+ only and wield a Tactical M1911 when mobile and set up an M60 when stationary. Possesses one weak spot – an ammunition box on their back.
  • Sniper: Crosshairs symbol. Armed with the SRS A1 rifle; Elites+ have suppressors. Snipers can setup claymore mines or shock mines as Elites. Secondary weapon is a pistol or a Navy MP5-N for Elites. Elite Snipers also possess a unique dazzler that projects a green laser capable of blinding agents. Identifiable through their white cloaks and ballistic goggles. LMB Snipers are exclusively female.
  • Engineer: Wrench symbol. Armed with the P416; encountered as Veterans and above. Can deploy an automated turret functioning identically to the Cleaners. Easily recognizable from their tan caps and black jackets.
  • Medic: Cross symbol. Armed with the AUG; identifiable through their green beanies and massive backpack. Deploys a Support Station that only heals enemy health bars (Normal/Veteran) or regenerates enemy armor (Elite/Named). Prioritize Elites+ as their Stations regenerate NPC armor faster than the player can remove it. Stations can be shot and destroyed or disrupted to disable healing. Medics will always run to repair damaged stations; use this to bait them into exiting cover.
  • Rogue Agent: Star and two bars. Exclusive to the LMB faction; identifiable through their Division gear and digital gray camo with a hooded gas mask. Armed with the ACR, AUG, or SASG-12. Can deploy two skills – Turret and Seeker Mine. Able to use EMP grenades that disable player skills. Exercise caution using Turrets and Seeker Mines against them; Rogue Agents can hack them to target your group.
  • Drone: Quadcopter symbol. Exclusive to Falcon Lost; appearing as Veteran or Elite. Blue drones fire shock darts, red drones are equipped with an automatic weapon.

  • Hunter: Wolf’s head symbol. Exclusive to Survival mode’s Dark Zone. Only appears when an extraction is called. One Hunter appears per player at the helipad. Hunters have no armor. Easily identifiable through their black tactical gear, ballistic masks, and stolen Division tech. Hunters can move as fast as the player; also able to predict and dodge Sticky Bombs fired at them. They can combat roll to avoid fire and are extremely accurate when blind firing. Hunters spawn with two weapons – one long range (LMG, assault rifle, marksman’s rifle) and one short range (SMG, shotgun). Hunters can heal, and carry 3 medkits. When depleted, Hunters cannot heal damage taken unless they have Support Station and/or First Aid. Also, carries 6 of every grenade type. All Hunters also spawn with two skills randomly picked from Support Station, Turret, Seeker Mine, and First Aid. Do not approach Hunters as they have an axe that will instantly down players, before executing them and placing players in the dead state. When killed at one extraction zone, Hunters will not respawn if another is called by the same player. Moving to another site for extraction will spawn another Hunter.

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