GE farm build

I’ve been grinding GE tokens through every different avenue so far. I’m sure what we have all found is that it is a difficult line between moving up for the typical d3 kill and staying back due to the critical multiplier when playing the included missions.

First thing I’ve done which seems simple is to have the ~50% range on your under barrel. You’ll lose statistical DPS but you’ll hit more shots at the range you need to keep.

Since the update I’ve been lucky enough to obtain the shinobi backpack, and like everyone in the game right now I’ve pondered the possibilities. What I’ve come up with is specifically for farming Hudson Refugee Camp this week.

Basically 3 piece d3 & 2 striker.

When you incorporate the optimal range mods on your SMG along with the 20% stability from 2 piece striker you essentially have AR range with laser precision. Rather than switching to my sniper I can easily burst fire with a 15x scope to hit head shots to proc the multiplier at range; all while being mobile with the shield. You can obviously spam at medium range with greater accuracy as well. This works perfect in the first section during various waves, and throughout the rest of the mission.

I’ve only chosen the three piece striker as the 10% EAD seems great at distance. The other option for me would be skill haste from TA but it’s not needed for this specific mission. Maybe the 2 piece from FM to add exotic damage resilience, but again you shouldn’t need it if you play properly.

Note that this was built specific to farm this mission during the GE, but I’d appreciate any input. As 1.7 has dropped we all want to know how to utilise this reinvented backpack.

tl;dr This is the easiest way for me to play d3 effectively in Hudson Refugee Camp during the GE with critical modifier.

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