Guide for successful **SURVIVAL RUNS** – my TOP 10 TIPS

Lately I started playing a little bit more survival, because it is really the game mode I enjoy the most at the moment (although the rewards are not that decent). That’s why I want to share with you my top 10 tips.

  • 1. Know your goal

This is important to know at the beginning, because you can use different strategies for your whole run. Do you “just” want to survive? Do you want to get as many points as possible (probably for the weekly 20k)? Do you want to farm survival caches? Do you want as many Hunter kills (or and probably player kills) as possible? Etc.

  • 2. Know the map

This is probably one of the most important tip from all of them. Yes, knowing the map is one of the most important things for successful survival runs. First of all, you need to know the area around the spots you can spawn into the session. Of course, you can have a good run too if you just run around and grab all the things you can find. But most people that are really good in this mode do have their specific routes they take and don’t lose any time searching for weapons or crafting material. This not only counts for the DZ it counts as well for the LZ. And yes, there are a lot of good videos and maps, where you can find different stuff (weapons, D-Tec, etc.) A really good one is this one here:

(you can change the map to survival on the top right side ;-))

  • 3. Be fast I

Yes, I know. This might be difficult especially for your first runs. But as you probably already know, who ever got the loot first got it and you have to go ahead and look for other locations. The first think how you can spare time is, DON’T pick up the fabric and the medicine on the spot you spawn. Yes, it is just ONE fabric and ONE painkiller and this is not the most important thing right now you should focus on. You want to be the FIRST ONE on that weapon cache or on that clothing.

  • 4. Be fast II

The first things you should focus on every run is to get a weapon at the beginning (esp. if you play PVP or if you are like me and you don’t like to fight with just a pistol 😉). The second thing you should focus on is the weather gear. Freezing is the cause for many deaths especially at the beginning of a session. As you probably know, you can’t revive yourself if you go down while freezing. That’s why you should not interact in fights at the beginning of a session (not with NPC and not with Player). And if you should have to fight NPC check out the surroundings if you can fight them somewhere insight a building. Especially at the beginning you need a lot of time to kill because your equipment is not too good. And this time you can use much better getting some items before others got them. Of course, NPC can drop items as well. But it happen to me a lot, that I was killing a bunch of NPC (around 10) just to get a low score clothing item or a green semi automatic sniper.

  • 5. Prioritize the different steps of your run

I mentioned already what you should focus on at the beginning. This is at least for me the best solution. Just figure out for yourself, what you do feel comfortable with before you enter the DZ. Always have in mind, if your goal Is to do a speed run, you just need 2 blue fabric and 2 blue tools to craft a basic filter. You don’t need a weapon or anything else to enter the DZ. But I do feel much better with a weapon and I mainly always try to get the basic and advance filter before I enter. To sum it up my priorities from the beginning are (1. Weapon, 2. Clothes (best case 15°C plus), 3. Crafting Material (Fabric & Tools => extended Mag. (if possible) and Filter(s) and extended Med. Pouch), 4. Medicine (depends of course always how fast you are in the DZ, I do mainly focus in the DZ to get medicine).

  • 6. Crafting in the LZ and the DZ

One of the best things you can craft outside the DZ, and not anymore as soon as you are in the DZ or close to it, is an extended magazine. But no worries, it happens a couple times that you are already to close to the DZ and you can’t craft one of them anymore. I would not recommend to go back just to craft one. Focus on a weapon with a big magazine instead inside the DZ like the PP-19 or the M60. Don’t waste too many crafting Material outside the DZ. The only thing you really need to craft outside are the filters, probably the ext. med. Pouch and if possible some skills like heal, pulse and or turret (depends if PVE or PVP and solo or in a group). Of course if you can’t find a weapon craft one, if you can’t find weather gear craft some, etc. I try to get my “good” gear and weapon in the DZ and not outside. In the DZ, after I got enough D-Tec and crafting material I start making two weapons (depending if I do have an extended magazine or not and if I play PVE or PVP) and AR, SMG or LMG and a M44 Sniper. After this I focus on the gear and the weapon and gear mods. First of all I do start with a holster (if I don’t have a purple one yet) to increase all my stats.

  • 7. Farming and Division Tec

To be able to craft a lot of gear and weapon you need Division Tec. The same counts as in 2. Know the map. You need to know some spots, where you can find some D-Tec, the easier and faster the better. And it is possible to grab a lot of them without fighting too many NPC. Don’t forget two things. If you kill a Boss or grab your anti-virus you get one D-Tec as well. And you do “just” need D-Tec to craft weapons or the flare gun. Of course, it is as useful because you can convert it into any other crafting material. There are some landmarks you can clear “pretty easy” without having the perfect gear by yourself and usually you get a lot of purple items as well including a “Big Box” where you get a lot of ammo (not always for the same weapon type).

  • 8. Gear in the DZ

Just to make sure, high-end is not always better then purple. Of course, they do have higher stats which is better. But having knees with health on a purple instead having all resistance as a major on a high-end piece might be better for you. So always check your major and minor stats as well. The best items would be (chest (vigorous or rapid), mask (rehab), knees (doesn’t matter), backpack (specialized or relentless if you use a turret), gloves (savage), holster (nimble or steady but doesn’t matter too much). More important of course are your main stats. The first thing I check are my weapon talents. Are there some useful ones which I want to unlock (e.g. Predatory)? I do feel “comfortable” if I do have about 110k toughness, about 2k firearms and about 60-70k skillpower. Skillpower can be really useful because the self heal is one of the most important things in survival. Don’t forget, you can “adjust” or increase some stats (FA, STAM, ELE) a lot with crafting gear mods. Instead of crafting 10 knees to get a stam one it could be better crafting 5 stam mods instead.

  • 9. Kill the Hunter(s)

To finally complete a run in survival you need to call in an extraction and kill the (your) Hunter. This might be difficult at the beginning but with the right equipment and practice it turns into fun to fight them. Even kill them with a Pistol, just green gear and such things are possible. There are some extractions that are easier (easiest one for me is Bryant Park and then the one on the roof DZ 2). Best to fight them is, if you can stand / hide on a higher spot. A turret can be really useful, because they can catch the attention of the Hunter(s) and you have time to kill them with some Sniper shots. Just take care because they can hack your turret and it shoots you instead. Try to place it not too close to you. On every extraction you do have ONE (your) Hunter. If you kill your Hunter and call in another extraction on the same spot no other hunter will spawn (just if another player cross the extraction at this time). If you are alone in the DZ you can kill maximum 3 Hunters (on every extraction one). If you can kill a Hunter from another player (Total 4) you get extra points “Punisher”. Theoretically you can get this multiple times in one session. With a good timing you could sneak into a chopper as well. As soon as the chopper lands you do have 30 sec to enter the chopper. If your timing is good, you can enter it without killing a Hunter. Not my way, but would be possible as well 😉

  • 10. Finally => Have FUN

The most important thing. Have fun doing this mode and choose YOUR own way of completing this exciting DLC. And yes, they do really need to do something with the rewards. Instead of survival caches you should get an exotic or classified cache (100% for pvp and 50% for pve) imo. But yes, it is just too much fun to play so I don’t care too much about the reward at the moment. And yes, if you beat it a couple times you can do your own challenges. Reach as much points as possible for yourself (without using a glitch 😉). Extract and complete as fast as possible. You get an extra “reward” if you can grab the Antivirus within 20 minutes after start (“Time sensitive Materials”). And finally kill the Hunter in different variations. Just using a pistol with only green gear, etc. Or at the end as I did lately, just join a random group and help them. I was heading into the DZ as fast as possible and grab a lot of D-TEC and material and crafted for everyone an M44 and a highend holster (group of 4). And yes, they where pretty surprised about this.

*Let me know wat are your Tips & Tricks in this really enjoying gamemode. And thanks a lot for all your comments and replies. Have a great day agents and see you soon in survival 😉

PS: I am thinking about doing a weekly stream (PS4) and running Survival and sharing my Tips live with Subs, would be great if you can tell me, if this would be interesting for you*

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