Guide to level up your alt (almost solo)


A quick guide for players who have already invested a lot of played hours in The Division 2 and who would like to level up an alt as fast as possible (mostly solo).


  • have a friend just willing to help you 30 minutes.

  • Store apparel cache keys (to be able to open 40 apparel caches)

Steps :

  1. Create your caracter and go to the white house

  2. Teamup with your lvl 30 friend (go on his session) and

    1. fast travel to each safe house on his map (that will unlock them for you as well)

    2. ask him to start and complete with you 2 missions on story mode : Federal Emergency Bunker and Potomac Event Center

    3. You should be lvl 16 and can now go on your own

  3. Run all story missions in the “chronological” order, you should be leveled up enough to complete all of them, and you should end lvl 22.

  4. Now you need to be lvl 26 to run the first stronghold

    1. Open around 40 apparel caches, you should get a lot of duplicates which get you some XP each time

    2. Note : the XP coming from duplicates scale with your level, so don’t open them when you’re lvl 2. If you’re lucky, the gold caches provide more XP than the other ones.

    3. You should be able to reach lvl 26-27

  5. Complete the first 2 strongholds, you should reach lvl28.

  6. You need to be lvl 30 to start capitol hill => complete some side missions (they give around 1/3 of XP required to level up, scaling to your level, so save them for these higher levels)

  7. Now you are lvl 30 and can run capitol Hill to reach WT 1

  8. Transfer 500 gear items from your main caracter to have a descent build on your alt to make the next content easier

  9. Then you “just” need to run all invaded missions and strongholds, then Tidal Bassin to reach WT5

  10. If you wanna maximize a least one specialization tree, you can then play the Bounties and/or redo some Invaded Missions.

  11. Congrats, go raid to find another eagle bearer for your alt 🙂

Steps 1-7 are around 11-12 hours

Steps 8-11 are an additional 4-5 hours

Hope it might be helpful.


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