Hazard Protection, Status Effects and Immunity Thresholds

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It’s nice to see more and more people are starting to appreciate the benefits of Hazard Protection but not everyone fully understand what exactly this stat does. Playing with Hazard Protection for couple months now and testing it I thought it’d be a good idea to provide a breakdown for those interested in understanding it and learning something new. I talked about this topic in some other comments like this one before, but since my tests back then there were small undocumented changes made with later updates, mainly to immunity thresholds for some status effects, which made me go back and test it again (once Title Update 5 is out I’ll check this again to see if anything changes).

Hazard Protection and Status Effects Resistances

Hazard Protection is directly tied to Status Effects Resistances listed in character sheet (Poison and Ensnare Resistances are not included on character sheet but Hazard Protection affects them as well) and those can be increased separately via mods or specialization perks. Each resistance is responsible for how the particular status effect will affect your character. The higher resistance – the lower the time the status effect will last when you’ll get affected by it and can also lower its damage (not all status effects cause damage). Each status effect has its immunity threshold and when reaching that point you become immune to that status effect. When getting close to the immunity threshold it will not only lower the time of status effect but also increase the time between getting affected by it again (e.g. if you’re sitting in fire with high burn resistance close to immunity threshold you won’t catch on fire immediately after burn ends). Also a note – Hazard Protection has no effect on explosive damage and stagger that is caused by explosions. There is separate stat – Explosive Resistance for that.

  • Shock – the most deadly status effect while not causing any damage itself, but getting shocked forces you out of cover and locks you in place standing up which makes you an easy target for enemies. Definitely the most annoying status effect and reaching immunity is the biggest quality of life improvement. Shock Resistance lowers the time you’re being stunned and after reaching immunity you can completely ignore everything that would normally apply shock like enemy sniper’s drones or shock grenades. As a fun fact – shock immunity makes Anomalous Mission quite interesting and somehow even more creepier.

  • Burn – the most common status effect in game, causes fire damage and forces you to blind or hip firing. Burn Resistance lowers the time burn status effect lasts when you get affected by it. When getting close to immunity threshold it also increases the time between catching on fire again (e.g. if you’re standing in fire) and after reaching immunity you don’t get affected by burn at all and never catch on fire, BUT you will still take fire damage from direct enemy attacks from flamethrowers and molotovs, though you’ll stay immune to fire damage from environmental sources and even frag and concussion grenades used by some of the enemies. As for environmental sources – the best examples of those are the final boss room of Potomac mission where you can just sit in fire on the balcony or in Federal Bunker mission in the room where you need to put out the fire to proceed.

  • Bleed – not very common but can be a pain with low resistance, especially on higher difficulties. Mainly applied by enemy turrets placed by elite enemies and elite war dogs. Causes damage over time dealt to armor and messes a bit with your screen. Bleed Resistance lowers the time bleed status effect lasts and its damage and after reaching immunity you don’t get affected by bleed at all, though with high enough resistance close to immunity threshold you will get the damage from 1 or 2 ticks every couple seconds which is manageable.

  • Poison – one of the more situational status effects, mainly present in Dark Hours raid as a part of the mechanics (second and third boss), few missions (e.g. DCD, Grand Washington Hotel) where it can be released by destroying red canisters and used by enemies from Underground Faction and some of the True Sons bosses (mainly during bounties) in form of poison grenades. Poison deals damage directly to your health and there are only two ways to counter that – Poison Resistance with enough health to survive the damage or completely nullify it after reaching immunity and Clutch talent on gloves to out-heal the damage. It’s deadly especially if you have low health, and with low resistance most of the time you won’t even have a time to react to leave the yellow cloud before you’re dead. Poison Resistance lowers the time poison status effect lasts and its damage, but even with high resistance it still can be deadly when you have low health, and even if you’re only 1% away from immunity threshold, especially at higher difficulties. After reaching immunity you can ignore poison completely because you won’t get affected by it at all and what comes with that – you won’t take damage from it. Some of the enemies (mainly from Underground Faction or True Sons bosses) use poison grenades that leave the same yellow cloud but instead of dealing health damage they deal damage to armor and poison resistance can’t help against them.

  • Disorient – one of the status effects that cause mainly an inconvenience by messing with your controls. Mainly present when fighting Hyenas and destroying the bag their rushers have, great way to confuse enemies. It’s especially visible in District Union Arena in the room before reaching the final boss and during Dark Hours raid (second boss). Disorient Resistance lowers the time disorient status effect lasts, when getting close to immunity threshold similar to burn and bleed increases the time between getting affected by it again and after reaching immunity you don’t get affected by it anymore, but similar to bleed it’s not that crucial to reach immunity.

  • Blind/Deaf – applied by flash grenades or enemy green lasers, similar to disorient causes inconvenience but with low resistance it can be annoying losing vision for couple seconds. Blind/Deaf Resistance lowers the time status effect lasts and after reaching immunity you won’t be blinded anymore, but just like in case of bleed and disorient, with high enough resistance couple % away from immunity it’ll last only less than a second which is manageable and it’s not needed to focus on reaching immunity.

  • Ensnare – one of the more situational status effects that can be applied by True Sons using Riot Foam to immobilize you and similar to shock can be deadly because it forces you out of cover and makes you stand up in place which makes you an easy target for enemies. There’s also still present a bug when you can’t move after dying while being immobilized by riot foam and requires re-logging or restarting the game to be able to move again. Ensnare Resistance lowers the time you’re being immobilized in the foam and after reaching immunity you can completely ignore all the enemies using riot foam on you.

  • Disrupt – another more situational status effect, mostly present when fighting Black Tusk where it’s applied after destroying war dogs, and during specific sections of some missions in form of stationary jammers (e.g. the final boss area during ViewPoint Museum). Disrupt status effect prevents you from using skills and also makes any deployable skills unusable and will destroy any of those if they are active when it’s applied. Disrupt Resistance lowers the time the status effect lasts but it’s useful mainly against single pulses like from destroying war dog. Against stationary jammers that send pulses all the time you’ll remain disrupted with no way to activate any skills until getting close to immunity threshold. With high enough resistance against stationary jammers disrupt resistance similar to other status effects will increase the time of getting affected by disrupt again allowing for short window before getting disrupted to activate skills. After reaching immunity you won’t be affected by it anymore and you’re free to use skills, BUT your deployable skills like turret, drone, hive or seeker will still be disrupted and destroyed. You can use skills like pulse or chem launcher though.

Immunity Thresholds

You’d thought reaching 100% would grant immunity and you wouldn’t be wrong, but the truth is it’s not necessary to go that high. These are the exact values of resistance for each status effect to reach immunity. In case of some status effects the 1% difference can make a huge difference because status effects like Shock or Ensnare can force you out of cover even if it’d last just 1 second and Poison can still be deadly if you have low health even if it’s just 1% away from immunity. For other status effects reaching immunity is not as important and missing couple % to immunity point won’t be an issue.

  • Poison – 96%

  • Ensnare – 93%

  • Bleed – 93%

  • Blind/Deaf – 91%

  • Burn – 91%

  • Disorient – 93%

  • Disrupt – 96%

  • Shock – 84%

For those aiming to reach immunity for separate status effects with mods I’d recommend going for them in the following order: Shock first because it makes the biggest difference and is huge quality of life improvement being immune to it, then Burn because it’s the most common status effect and not catching on fire is really nice. After that Poison and Ensnare which are quite situational, but immunity can sometimes be a lifesaver, and Disrupt which can be really convenient when fighting Black Tusk and during some sections with stationary jammers. I wouldn’t bother going out of the way specifically for Bleed, Blind/Deaf and Disorient immunity. It’s nice, but couple % away from immunity threshold won’t be an issue.

Just a side note about Shock immunity threshold – I was a bit surprised it was lowered that much compared to other status effects. To be sure I’ve tested it on heroic with enemy sniper’s drone which applies Shock.

Second note – Bleed appears to have lower immunity threshold to Frag Grenades from Demolitionist specialization than enemies. To be sure I’ve tested it on challenging with elite enemy engineer’s turret which applies Bleed.

Sources of Hazard Protection and Status Effects Resistances

The biggest sources of Hazard Protection are mask and gloves that can roll over 40% and 20% respectively. After that 2pc Gila Guard brand set offers another 20% and both 1pc R&K and 2pc Murakami offer another 10%. Insulated passive talent can provide another 10% and 2pc Yaahl – 8%. On top of that each status effect resistance can be increased separately with defensive system and protocol mods which can go even up to 27-29% for a specific resistance and they’re great when aiming to reach immunity threshold only for couple status effects. Ongoing Directive backpack can roll with status effect resistance attribute even over 100% to easily reach immunity for one specific status effect.

The easiest way of stacking Hazard Protection is with Gila mask and gloves – with high roll on both and 2pc bonus it’s possible to reach immunity threshold for all status effects with just 2 gear pieces. On my raid build I’m getting 90% Hazard Protection from just those 2 pieces with 42% rolled on mask and 28% on gloves and one Insulated talent finishes it for the exact 100%. On my regular build I’m sitting at 91% with 42% on mask, 19% on gloves and one Insulated talent, reaching immunity for Poison, Disrupt, Ensnare and Disorient with 2 mods leaving only Bleed below immunity threshold, but 2% is not an issue.

Below are all sources of Hazard Protection:

  • Mask – up to 55%

  • Gloves – up to 39%

  • 2pc Gila Guard – 20%

  • 1pc Richter & Kaiser GmbH – 10%

  • 2pc Murakami Industries – 10%

  • Insulated passive gear talent – 10%

  • 2pc Yaahl Gear – 8%

And sources of specific Status Effects Resistances:

  • Ongoing Directive backpack – up to 100% for a single status effect

  • Defensive system and protocol mods – up to 27-29% for a single status effect (not sure about the max values)

  • Sharpshooter specialization X-Stat Armor Kit-Supplementary perk – 30% Bleed, Poison and Burn Resistance for 20s after using armor kit (literally no one uses this)

  • Demolitionist specialization Incombustible perk – 20% Burn Resistance


After playing so much with Hazard Protection at this point I can’t imagine running a build without at least Burn and Shock immunity. And overall in my personal opinion Hazard Protection is worth more than extra health that can be rolled on mask and gloves.

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