Level 29 DZ farming builds

Just wanted to post 2 farming builds I’m using in the 29 bracket. These are not OP and I’m just posting these as a reference for new players. Build isn’t 100% optimized but it is close. The weapons/skills I chose based on my style of play and my potato aim. I’m on XB1 using stock controller.

Sometimes it’s nice to know if you geared up properly. Both are solo builds and I can farm any landmark with these including DZ9. Builds are also very effective if you’re concerned about ganking. I don’t even bother extracting in the DZ1-3, clear landmarks and get your HE piece reward and move on. With this build, by the time you solo clear 5 landmarks (blockade – refueling station), first one will reset. Rinse/repeat.

The DPS build will hold its own against rogues, and Skill build will make rogues feel like a pitbull fighting a porcupine.

Gear: Armor/FA/ST/EL/Major stat/Minor stat


75k(954) / 134k(1860) / 116k(3154)

G36 Unforgiving (only one talent unlocked)

MP5 Unfogiving (same as above)

Vigorous 747/0/253/462/7% haste/6000hp/45% ammo

ST 125/1181 hp

ST 128/1252 sp

Tenacious 378/0/0/634/3770sp/%b&d

EL 126/1127 sp

Accomplished 635/0/620/0/6291hp/29% disrupt/11% elite/26% b&d

ST 128/1053hp

Inventive 509/0/0/625/5031 hp/15% disrupt

EL 125/1119 hp

Savage 358/0/0/458/4%HOK/15%chc/348 smg

Nimble 333/476/509/497/3170hp

All mods are 5% self heal

MP5 32% chc (+37.60 conceal)

74% chd (+35.60 conceal)

60% HD

2.4s reload

Turret 37s CD / 4880 hp

Seeker 22s CD / 39k

Green ult



G36 Responsive/Swift/Fierce

Aug Deadly/Vicious/Competent

Vigorous 743/490/255/0/6117hp/5%EAD/45% ammo

ST 128/1%chc ST 127/1210sp

Tenacious 328/127/506/3813sp/14% disorient

Prosperous 616/633/0/0/6333hp/26% bleed/12% elites/28% burn

FA 121/1248hp

Specialized 435/509/125/0/5068hp/48% ammo

Savage 380/0/511/0/4%chc/502 AR/6%EAD

Nimble 340/496/503/427/3081hp

G36 16%chc (+19.20 recon)

34%chd (+13.20 recon)

1.54s reload

Recon CD 30s First aid CD 38s Green ult


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