Lone Star Build (for DZ use)

The builds I post are meant to create a unique playstyle that is viable for a solo player in the DZ. It doesn’t mean you will survive a 3v1, but you can solo clear any site and can hold your own in a 1v1. I felt inspired to use the MK46 from the vendor this week bc it is a god-roll.

  1. Philosophy: Lone star means no reload and extra ammo. This means you can take + fire resist on your backpack as a minor stat. Obviously also benefits the LMG and shotgun weapon classes. Downside of the LMG class as a whole is burst damage. IMO, it absolutely warrants the use of tactical link to counteract this.
  2. Stats: 5100/5000/4900 (332k toughness, 171k skill power).
  3. Gear: 4 LS, lara barret chest, rejuvenated mask (can achieve 100% resist of your choice if your mask, knee pads all have minor fire resist rolls). This accounts for the lack of exotic damage and minimizes your ability to be CC’ed. I don’t think I ever have to explain using LB chest. Roll Skill Haste in every possible slot including gear slots (This totals 38%).
  4. Weapons: Mk46 unforgiving, competent, adept (vs commanding depending on your preference) and (my preference here for support for PVE): Showstopper with responsive and trained. A trained showstopper + 30% CHC = an average of 9.6 crits per second (240 RPM = 4 RPsecond * 30% * 8 pellets = 9.6). This means 1% super gain per second. Cap that off with a head shot kill to bump that up even higher. The point of the show stopper is just to gain tactical links for the 220 round machine gun.
  5. Skills: Pulse, Overheal vs Booster shot. Depends on your preference. I mod the pulse. Booster shot does 85k HP, overdose dose 144k HP with this build. My modded pulse is 20% CHC 25 % CHD. Cool down is 29 seconds. This is crucial. Near 100% uptime of a bonus damage pulse.
  6. Talents: Critical save, on the move (the m249 class is easier to control when out of cover), tech support (5 kills = 100% pulse uptime) and last talent is up to you. Stopping power is reasonable as it’ll always be up. I have seen interesting uses for evading rogues with shock and awe, and you would have near 100% uptime again.Steady hands is also reasonable but the m249 only kicks in the first few rounds then settles down.)
  7. Why it works: The m249/mk46 will be absolutely relentless and nearly never run out of ammo. Base weapon damage is 19-20k with this build. Times target out of cover = 23k. Times competent = 25.3k. Times unforgiving tier 1 = 27.3k. Times pulse (I think it’s 7.5% boost but correct me if I’m wrong please) = 30k damage. You should be at least 40% CHC and 100% CHD if you’re using adept + your pulse. This translates to an average 40% damage boost = 42.88k. I think it is fair to consider tactical link to be a major part of this build as you should be able to continue firing through a significantly higher duration of your tactical link than an SMG, shotgun or AR would. Now we pop tactical link (where the money is): 30% damage boost = 54k per bullet at (550 RPM * 1.05 ROF on the mag * 1.3 ROF for tac link) 750 RPM, or 12.5 Rounds per second. This is an average 675k damage per second. That’ll kill an agent even after accounting for the 42% player modifier (= 283k damage in a second). Don’t bother aiming for the head, you won’t land enough head shots with this gun to justify the aim. The showstopper obviously isn’t for PVP so that’s why I don’t worry about using trained on it.
  8. Is it tough enough? Yeah. 330k toughness * on the move * booster shot will net you 450k toughness. Plenty strong.
  9. TLDR: this build feels very much like those damn riker heavies. They mow down everything in site with their m249s. It adds huge a huge damage buff to your team as you will provide a near 100% uptime pulse and potentially near 100% availability tactical link. Have fun!

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