How to make the most of Classified Tactician

I also attempt to do something with these builds that “no other build can do”. TA, simply put, can achieve insane amounts of skill power. The only skill that doesn’t crumble at 450k is BFB. The exotic gun that has nice synergy with skill power is a Caduceus. Here is the build that I have really enjoyed:

  1. Stats, modding: 3200 / 3k / all else electronics. Allows you to use talented/competent/intense in normalized PVP modes. Base skill power will sit somewhere around 340k with a max potential of 620k. Toughness is around 380k (making sure to roll health on gear). Roll haste everywhere you can on your armor. Gloves should have assault rifle damage and haste.
  2. Skills, talents: Recon Turret, BFB and recovery link. Combat medic (versus critical save or adrenaline pending your preference), death by proxy and chain reaction are the critical skills. Demo expert is a fair consideration.
  3. Weapons: SASG (secondary): talented, competent determined. This is important: it will be how you speed up your link charges (determined is why I favor SASG over show stopper) and your first 30 stacks. More importantly, your primary: the Caduceus with intense and talented: mod for CHC on mag, scope and a hand grip to speed up reload. Your gun is a tool, not your primary damage source as you’re the Divsion’s equivalent to a mage class in an MMO. It is to: heal yourself and your team (34% CHC on a pulsed target, 50% CHC if you have a good team pulse) . Your CHD isn’t good enough to warrant taking a CHD grip. It’s more important to proc intense. You will not win any fights head on against any target so it’s more important to have the CC always ready. Talented is to boost up your nuke.

Synergy of the build: The shotgun allows super charging stacks when you drop below 30. The recon turret helps you build stacks while you run away from head on engagements. The BFB will do 80% of a target’s health (if not a final measure) if you have chain reaction and 30 stacks. The turret handles players with heavier EDR. It will hit between 2200 – 3500 per tick. In both PVE and PVP your caddy will provide significant healing. At 30 stacks, with just your CHC from your turret and no team pulse, you will heal the team for about 15k per second. (500k skill power * 0.01* 3 crits per second). If your team has a good pulse and you max your crits per second, it can achieve up to 6 crits per second at 620k skill power. This yields 37.2k health per second. Suck it Reclaimer.

This is where you are versatile and have great group synergy. The more well rounded your group, the stronger your tactician becomes. You are squishy and cannot handle any fire fight head on. However, if you sit in the back and identify what is needed (the heals versus AOE) you can provide huge support. This is viable in all game modes.

TLDR: Give this build a go if you are wanting to make the most of a classified TA. There is a reason all youtubers think that this set sucks and cannot come up with any way to use it besides “really strong pulse”. Have fun! I’ll post a video after I can harvest some videos.

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