What are the new god roll for each weapon type ?

So what are the new god roll for each weapon type?

We will only be covering SMGs & ARs before you read,

Generally speaking;

AR-PvP-Regular/damage dealing build; Unforgiving Responsive Competent (Brutal/Destructive would be ok in place of competent but be aware Destructive is a lot less efficient in PvP now)

SMG-PvP-Regular/damage dealing build; Deadly Responsive Unforgiving (competent in place of Deadly would work ok but you want to stack Crit damage with SMGs tbh)

AR-PvE-Regular/damage dealing build; Destructive Responsive Competent (Swap competent for talents like Ferocious or Predatory as these are also decent for PvE)

SMG-PVE-Regular/damage dealing build; Deadly Responsive Destructive (Swap Deadly for Predatory or Ferocious if you wish)

The weapon talents for Skill builds can be different as you have lower firearms/stamina usually so hitting the talent requirements for the above-mentioned talents can be difficult without sacrificing from your electronics.

With that being said off the top of my head I can activate talented & intense on my Caduceus, talented is good for a skill build intense is very mehh but it’s active I suppose :/ and of course you get the 3rd slot free of any stat requirements or you get the exotic talent if using an exotic weapon look for any of the above-mentioned PvE/PvP talents for this 3rd slot on regular weapons.

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