New Light Zone/LZ Boss Map with multiple versions and video of each Boss Fight and Route to get there.

This is by far one of the fastest and easiest methods to farm gear. I can do a full run in 28 minutes. This provides a minimum of 2 max pieces per boss plus drops from the mobs. I usually get about 45-50 pieces if I pick up purples. Selling all of it nets around 4 million credits in Tier 4.

From Boss drops, I have recorded 62 drops:

4 Gear Set

11 Weapon

20 High End Gear

16 Weapon Mods

5 Gear Mods

6 Performance Mods.

Obviously I need more stats to turn this into real percentages.

You tend to get a lot more Gear Set Items from the mobs though, I only recorded the actual boss drops.

New Map Versions

Normal (Intended for users with two displays):

Printable on Color Printers (Full Version with Notes:

Printable on Color Printers (Small Version; no Notes):

Printable on Black and White Printers (Full version with Notes):

Printable on Black and White Printers (Small Version; no notes):

YouTube Videos of each Boss Fight. (No Audio, no one needs to listen to me, although I guess game audio could have been left on.)

Bullet King (46 seconds):

Soretto and Strings (3:07):

Alternate (FASTER) for Soretto and Strings (2:44):

Erskine (1:57):

Fray and Five-0 (2:42):

Belzer and Riot (4:05) The long one:

Cpl. Wright (1:31):

Chains (1:35):

GySgt. Lewis (1:09):

Cpl. Dorsman (1:45):

Sgt. Jacks and Apollo (3:14):

Fumes (1:36):

The Gear I used in these videos (1:18):

Youtube Playlist:

Gear Used

Military M60 E4 with Ferocious, Deadly, Fierce Police MK17 with Prepared, Brutal, Skilled.

4 piece Lonestar, 2 piece Nomad (LMG build).

My Gear when I did the Boss Run Videos.

Military M60 E4 – Ferocious, Deadly, Fierce (not that great) Police MK17 – Prepared, Brutal, Skilled (Quite good)

4 piece Lonestar, 2 piece Nomad.


Firearms at 3984, Stamina 4720, Electronics 3266

Toughness 330K SP 98K

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