Optimized Graphics Settings.

  • Test done with DX12 and Reduced Latency set to YES. Game has up to 35 fps loss on DX11 for me. Same fps for Reduced Latency set YES or NO.
  • I got a friend with the same PC as mine and same drivers, but 1070 instead of 1080. And his textures bug out when he uses DX12 and he has better fps in DX11. It’s probably a conflict or a bug, so you should try both to see which works for you.
  • Test PC: 8700k; 16gb 2666 DDR4; 1080 (normal, non ti), 1tb nvme M2 SSD (Samsung Evo Plus), Resolution 2560×1080. No OC for this test. Everything on stock freq.
  • I didn’t bechmark Sharpening. It’s not a graphical setting and it should be set to max, unless you like blured everything
  • I also didn’t benchmark Depth of Field, Lens Flare, Vignette Effect, and Chromatic Aberration, as they are Post Processing and should have no impact on fps, so you can activate them if you like their effects. I personally don’t.
  • I restarted the game for every setting that asked for a restart. Test done today, 13 March, nVidia Driver 419,35 (Game Ready for Division 2). Update to this driver or newer; it gave me a HUGE fps increase. It also fixed random crashes to desktop I had when using the previous driver.
  • With the game on Lowest setting for everything, my cpu is fully used, so the fps is bottlenecked by the CPU. That’s why I compared each setting with the game on Ultra. If you’re an fps lunatic, do the in-game benchmark and see if CPU is almost fully used all the time. If so, you can increase some graphic settings without any penalty to fps. I think this works for powerful CPUs only. Older ones could be fully used permanently no matter the settings.

Game on lowest setting: 168 FPS (CPU bottleneck)

Game on highest setting: 71 FPS <– This is what the FPS column in the table is compared to.

*FPS gain compared with everything on Maximum

**Same thing, but percentage

Setting Turned to Minimum ** FPS Gain* *** %Gain* FPS
Resolution Scale 47 39.8% 118
Object Detail 16 18.4% 87
Volumetric Fog 12 14.5% 83
Extra Streaming 11 13.4% 82
Shadow Quality 8 10.1% 79
Ambient Oclusion 7 9% 78
Local Reflection Quality 7 9% 78
Anisotropic Filtering 4 5.3% 75
Spot Shadow Resolution 3 4.1% 74
Spot Shadows 3 4.1% 74
Water Quality 3 4.1% 74
Vegetation Quality 2 2.7% 73
Contact Shadows 0 0% 71
Parallax Mapping 0 0% 71
Particle Detail 0 0% 71
Reflection Quality 0 0% 71
Sub-Surface Scattering 0 0% 71
Terrain Quality 0 0% 71
Projected Texture Resolution -1 -1.4% 70
High Resolution Sky Textures -1 -1.4% 70
***My Setting 63 47% 134
***My setting: I prefer fluid gameplay to eye candy.
Shadow Quality Low
Spot Shadows Medium Need to see other player’s shadows in PVP. I hope other player’s shadows are prioritized.
Spot Shadow Res Low
Contact Shadows All High
Resolution Scale 100% Developers say that for high DPI screens, 2K and more, you can set this to 75% without noticing much difference. Huge fps boost. UI allways remains at native res. Source: https://youtu.be/sMAjVlkIpZk?t=356
Sharpening 10
Particle Detail Ultra
Volumetric Fog Low Didn’t notice much difference in the benchmark, so Low it is. Very GPU hungry this one.
Reflection Quality High
Local Reflection Quality Off No difference for my eye. Keep Off.
Vegetation Quality High
Sub-Surface Scattering On
Anisotropic Filtering 1X Weird one. In any other game this has almost no performance impact on modern PCs.
Parallax Mapping Yes
Ambient Occlusion Low Second one to turn back on if you can spare some FPS. Makes everything look more real. (Shadows magic)
Depth of Field Off Hate it. Distant things are out of focus. I keep it Off in all games.
Object Detail 100 First thing to lower for more fps. Makes things to pop in, but HUGE fps gain.
Extra Streaming Distance 0 First thing to enable if you can spare some fps. Distant buildings will look great. No pop-in. This seems afect distant buildings. They render at 2D low res until you get close.
Lens Flare Off Personally hate it. Should not have an impact on FPS.
Vignette Effect Off Personally hate it. Should not have an impact on FPS.
Water Quality High
Chromatic Aberration Off Personally hate it. Should not have an impact on FPS.
Projected Texture Resolution 512
High Res Sky Textures Yes
Terrain Quality High
DirectX 12 Yes
Reduced Latency Yes For Low End CPUs, if you experience stuttering, turn off. Source: https://youtu.be/sMAjVlkIpZk?t=107

And that’s everything. I hope. If you got more tips, share them, don’t keep them to yourself. Thanks!

Update: I’m playing with Resolution Scale. For 1080p, setting it to 75% looks like as if there was no Anti-Aliasing. And 85% looks quite good. So I think 85% Res Scale and setting Ambient Occlusion as high as possible looks better than 100% Res Scale and Low Ambient Occlusion. And there’s a good fps increase too, so you can increase the shadow settings. Maybe even increase Extra Streaming Distance if the game is installed on an SSD.

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