Piece of gear has an Effective Stat Allowance


I’m here to talk to you again about something I’ve been calling the Effective Stat Allowance (ESA), or what most people probably just call Item Budget, which is this mechanic that all items with stats in the game have some sort of total allowable stat roll limit. Some of you might be having Deja Vu.. yes, I talked about this previously in this post. Essentially ESA is the mechanic that if one of two rolls on a gear item is low the other will be high, or alternatively if one roll is stupid high basically every other roll or stat on that item is low or non-existent. Example in point the new gearsets don’t have talents and people are reporting up to 46% damage to elites since there’s basically nothing else to hog the stat rolls. Well, I’ve been testing this hypothesis again in WT5 with items between 495-500gs and there’s some interesting things I’ve been learning. Once I test a bit more I will make a video about it though it’ll mostly be redundant to this post. Apologies beforehand, some of this is copied from the previous post in an attempt to keep all the info centralized.

TL;DR: the above paragraph is the jist of it. Attributes, Talents, Mods all count against the budget of stat rolls on an item so having less things means each thing has the capability to be better. This is also why purple gear and gear sets without as many attributes, talents or mods typically seem to roll some attributes very high.

edit: the following is my lame attempt at creating a metaphor for the item budget idea

The game makes a glass of lemonade (a mask) but can’t spend more than $1 on ingredients. It’s also gotta fill up the entire glass with some combination of water (armor), sugar (damage to elites), and lemon juice (crit chance). Each ingredient varies in how expensive it is though so the game couldn’t just make it a glass of sugar because sugar is too expensive. Instead it fills a good portion of it with water since it’s relatively cheap (the cost of base armor). This leaves some room left in the glass as well as some money leftover to add some amount of sugar and lemon juice. The game could add a bit of lemon juice and a ton of sugar to fill the glass, or the game could instead choose to put just a little sugar and a ton of lemon juice. Ideally if you’re looking for a glass of lemonade with as much sugar as possible you want the game to make one with the lowest amount of lemon juice (or none at all) and as little water as it can afford to put in and still fill up the glass.


–The Updated Conversion Table–

So at it’s core the idea of ESA is that every stat has an effective stat cost that counts against how much total effective stats a given item can roll with. It’s sort of like $10 can buy you 5%DTE or 1%CHC or 500 bonus armor, it all scales back to how much a dollar gets you, or in this case I use ‘Effective Damage to Elites’ (eDTE) as a metric for figuring out how much of the budget is used for each stat. I have since updated this table a bit – it should be fairly close for gear in the 497 range. I’m seeing 499 and 500gs items having armor scaling a bit higher, closer to 285 armor per eDTE, but haven’t found quite enough to confidently say that’s the conversion rate. So using this table for example you can tell yourself that the 14%CHC roll could have been a 14%CHD roll, or that 46%DTE roll could have been 9%CHC.


–The New Observations–

After all this I have come to the following conclusions other than the refining of the conversion table to begin with:


1) In terms of eDTE, the ESA of each gear piece is still the same as back in 450gs.. and same as back in 250GS. To clarify the armor rolls will be higher because armor scales better at higher GS but the budget of the items still seems to be the same meaning the percentage-based rolls won’t be higher than they were in WT4. The table of budgets in ‘eDTE’ is still roughly the following:

Item ESA Latent Armor Att/Mod/Tal
Gloves 116 70-83 33 – 46
Mask 128 70-83 45 – 58
Knees 128 85 – 104 24 – 43
Holster 174 94 – 114 60 – 80
Backpack 226 121 – 152 74 – 105
Chest 268 133 – 164 104 – 135
Total 1040 570 – 700 340 – 470

This is why a lot of people have been noticing that doing Challenging missions with their synergized 450 gear in WT5 isn’t actually so much worse than on WT4 (that and weapons roll 25% higher damage values). You’re sitting at 20-25% less armor/health/skillpower than you would if you had 500gs gear but all the percentage attributes would be the same ranges and your talents would also not change. Looking back at some old WT1 high end gear I came to the same budget numbers after accounting for the lower scaling. Basically for the entire World Tier 1-5 endgame the percent-based rolls have had the same budgets and upper limits and just the armor/health/skillpower has scaled up as gear scores increase.

Edit: adding the following paragraph because the question has come up a couple times.

The game makes a hypothetical chestpiece and decides it’ll devote 145eDTE to the base armor. If it’s a 250gs gear item it’ll convert that at something like 120 armor per eDTE for around 17,500 base armor. If on the other hand it was 500gs gear item it’ll convert that at something like 280 armor per eDTE for around 40,000 base armor. It still uses up the same amount of the budget but the scaling/conversion factor at higher gear score lends itself to higher armor rolls. So in all tiers it would still have another 120eDTE or whatever of budget left to spend on the attributes and talents. Armor isn’t hogging more of the budget in higher tiers, it’s just that you can get more armor for every eDTE of budget there is.


2) in therms of eDTE, Talents are worth roughly the following:

Talent ESA
Major 3
Minor 5

Same thing as in the previous post, having a talent on your gear soaks up some of the budget for stat rolls. Gear set items with no talents can thus roll higher attributes than normal high ends. Talents, especially passive talents, typically have good bang for the buck though. Paying 4.8eDTE for a 15%DTE talent is pretty efficient.


3) Gear Set items have the same budget as High Ends:

Not much to say. Did the same testing, scaling all the stats to eDTE and found they had the same budget. As I said before though the lack of a talent on gear pieces means they spend more of that budget on the attribute rolls.


4) Depending on the gear piece, having more stat rolls and/or mods incurs a sort of variety penalty which counts against the available ESA though more talents don’t seem to have a penalty. (att as short for attribute):

Jury’s out on this one, I need to test more. This may or may not be red herring created from slightly incorrect conversion values back in 450gs testing. There’s definitely an effect that having two stat rolls limits the rolls compared to one roll since the game metaphorically has to distribute $50 of stats to two people instead of one person. I just can’t confirm or deny quite yet if there’s an additional little penalty for having more rolls on your gear in the first place. It might be there and if there is another little penalty it’s pretty small and essentially negligible.


5) Superior (purple) 440 items have 80% of the ESA that their 450 high end counter part have. However, these often have less talents, mods, and armor on them which is why you often still see them having pretty decent rolls. It’s rare but you may just happen to find a low armor Superior chest piece with just a single attribute which is a pretty wickedly high bonus armor roll. Similarly even though Superior gear mods have 20% lower ESA they only have two rolls, meaning on average each roll will be 20% higher (3 rolls sharing 20 eDTE vs. 2 rolls sharing 16 eDTE == 6.6 vs 8 eDTE on average). Definitely keep an eye on purples because they might have a high roll.


6) Some key max rolls – on High Ends – seem to be approximately the following, and again, to get the max rolls you need a piece that has rolled low latent armor and low or non-existent stats and talents other than the key attribute. Min and Max are in eDTE and the examples are equivalent max stats:

Slot Min Max example1 example2
Mask 9 45 45DTE 9CHC
Back 11 80 12AWD 24CDR
Chest 16 97 14.5AWD 22HSD
Gloves 6 42 12LMG 8CHC
Holster 11 80 16CHC 24CDR
Knees 6 45 9CHC 14CDR

Edit: thanks /u/LEVEL-100 for helping refine the max rolls. If anyone else has seen higher rolls on high end pieces please let me know and I’ll update accordingly.

Some of the absolute maxes are only possible on a couple items, for example only some labels for Airaldi holsters come with one attribute and no talents allowing for max possible attribute investment. The minimums are the hard low-caps that determine how high you can roll elsewhere; the max roll is fluid and entirely based off getting bottom-of-the-barrel or nonexistent rolls/talents everywhere else.


7) The scaling in the 495-500gs range seems to follow a steeper curve than 450-495 gear. Needs further testing but preliminary findings are the armor/health/skillpower scaling is somewhere between 5-10% higher at 500 than 495 compared to the modest 20% increase from 450-495. Again this is VERY preliminary.. definitely need more testing. Depending on the pieces you wear, e.g. mostly Gila Gear with all the defensive mod slots (which can have up to 5% bonus armor) and two hardened talents (for 10% armor each) you can likely get to 290k or 300k armor with 500gs items.. that’s 60%AWD with unstoppable!



Just like last time, take this all with somewhat of a grain of salt. I’m about 95% confident this is the way of the world but I can’t be certain due to several factors. For one, it’s even harder to test things now since gear doesn’t always drop at 500gs. Since all attributes are actually decimal numbers rounded to the nearest increment you don’t always back into the exact exact same budget. You may also not see exactly the values I’ve got because of the rounding; the game may roll a 4.21CHC which rounds to 4CHC in game.

The biggest takeaway from all this is that gearscore’s value manifests itself primarily as more armor, health, health on kill, and skill power. Don’t hesitate to keep using the synergized gear you farmed in WT4 until you find what will feel like near identical side-grades around 500gs that just likely just have higher armor rolls, or perhaps even better min/max shared rolls. We are now at the point where looking for that perfect min/max roll distribution becomes many people’s objective.

At any rate, I hope this helps someone out there again. I’ll eventually make a video about it too if there’s demand and the popular youtubers don’t, but again it’ll be mostly redundant information from this post (and I don’t have any photoshop skills to make graphs to make this all a bit easier to understand).

Have a nice day everyone and thank you for taking the time to read this.

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