PvE DPS Guide!


Ok, let’s begin. First of all, you might think like “why the f*ck would i want to build my character only for PvE? Won’t those griefers kick my ass in the DZ?”. Well, let me ask you this: How much of your time playing this game is spent shooting mobs rather than players? If your answer is %99 then building your character around PvE will boost your DPS %99 of the time.

Afterall, it is your choice to actually build a PvE character but i highly suggest you do if you aren’t really enjoying PvP anyways. This guide will allow you to optimize your damage against mobs but won’t do a damn thing about your damage in PvP, so after you build like this, don’t complain that you are shooting marshmallows against players.


Alright, you decided that you wanna build for PvE and now you are wondering where to start. It starts with weapons and more specifically with snipers.

Get your hands on an M1A my friend and do it now. You don’t need those fancy 171% headshot damage or brutal/deadly/fierce rolls, you only need one talent: accurate. You don’t have it on your M1A? Then reroll for it, farm lexington and reroll again. Out of rolls? Get another M1A and reroll again. Get that talent on your gun. With proper mods this will allow you to counter the M1A accuracy nerf and spam with precision. Oh wait, you have a god-roll 229 SVD you got from the UG? Alriiightt, you can use that aswell.

The reason we are favoring sniper rifles is because of the range and crazy headshot damage bonus that works well with pulse, allowing you to kill mobs faster than any other weapon.

So finally you got your M1A, but you don’t know how to mod it. It might be hard to find these exact mods but i will share the best options for each mod slot. These mod choices also apply to PvP builds.

Scope: HS Damage/Crit. Chance

Muzzle: Stability/Crit. Chance

Grip: Accuracy/Horizontal Stability

Magazine: Mag. Size/Weapon Damage

As a secondary i highly suggest G36 for FL, shotguns for UG.

Understanding PvE attributes and their importance

There are 2 attributes that boost your DPS greatly in PvE but overlooked by many because it apparently doesn’t boost their precious sheet “DPS”.

These are damage to elites (DTE) and enemy armor damage (EAD). DTE is a major attribute and EAD is a minor attribute.

Here i’m just going to tell you the Best In Slot pieces you should chase for if you are doing this type of build.

Chest Piece should have 2 mod slots, armor and damage to elites rolled on it. You can get around 8% here.

Mask can roll around 12% damage to elites and 10% enemy armor damage on the minor attribute.

Kneepads are a bitch. Now that they always come with a mod slot it kills our dream of rolling Crit. Damage + Damage to Elites on them unless you already have one like this. Go for crit. damage on kneepads and you also can get enemy armor damage on the minor.

Backpack doesn’t have shit for PvE but get crit. damage.

Gloves are one of the better pieces for PvE builds. God roll would be MMR Damage, Crit. Damage and Damage to Elites. No minors here.

Holsters are whatever.


Remember that this entire build type focuses around you keeping your ass in a smartcover provided by your precious tactician who is also really bored during these PvE activities so make sure you compliment on how good his smartcover and pulse are. Which they, in fact, are the only reason you can still shoot.

There is a delay between the expiration of the smartcover and the time it takes for your tactician to place a new one. Usually around 1 second. This one second is all a sniper needs to rape you. Make sure you watch your smartcover buff and the cooldown and pop back into cover the moment it expires and wait for your tactician to put it back on.

Gear Set Choices

Reckless and 5 Sentry’s, plain and simple, the best PvE DPS setup for your marksman rifle. Can’t get your hands on this? Doesn’t matter, chase for the same attributes on your current gear while slowly acquiring sentry’s.

My Build

I knew you would stick around for this.

Here is what i use to constantly crit for around 3 million on mobs: https://youtu.be/7d_AeFjkAw0

Final Words

Don’t expect to get this gear in one day, don’t expect to go through Heroic incursions in 15 minutes after reading this guide. I have been building for PvE since the day 1.2 dropped and practicing incursions with my group since a long time. Work hard on your gear and you will get there.

Add me in game if you wanna chat/play together: “RED.Duckleberry” on uPlay

Feel free to ask more questions if you are wondering anything specific about how we handle PvE content.

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