Reclaimer Solo Combat Medic Build

I haven’t really read about anyone running Reclaimer like I do so I thought I’d share my build. I use this for soloing the weekly HVTs, challenging missions and occasionally in the dark zone for contamination events and landmarks. I doubt it would work for PvP and isn’t as strong in a group but still works fine with some small tweaks. I haven’t tried it on heroic or legendary.

  • Stats: ~4800 firearms and ~3000 stamina with the rest of electronics. I have 271k DPS, 265k toughness and 280k skill power (316k with talented).
  • Reclaimer mask (skill power and DTE)
  • Reclaimer knee pads (skill power [health is also fine] and DTE)
  • Reclaimer gloves (A/R damage, skill haste, and EAD or CHD)
  • Reclaimer holster (haste)
  • Inventive backpack (skill power and ammo)
  • Vigorous chest (health and haste).
  • Gear mods: One stamina with health, two electronics with health and two electronics with signature ability recovery.
  • Performance mods: Two support station range and two healing speed.
  • Talents: Combat Medic, Battle Buddy, Tech Support, On the Move.
  • Skill One: Revive support station. With talented and inventive this heals for 14.1k a second, has a 21-second cooldown, 121 second lifetime and 214k health.
  • Skill two: Tactical scanner pulse. With talented and inventive this gives 31.3% CHC and 41.7 CHD plus the 5% (?) damage increase from the pulse mod should give you around an 18% damage increase. Cool down is 26 seconds when in support station range.
  • Weapon one: Police M4 – Determined, Talented and Destructive
  • Weapon two: Lightweight M4 – Commanding, Brutal (I’d like competent) and Destructive.

The whole idea of this build is to maximize uptime on your tact link by utilizing the support station’s mods to keep you alive. While standing in my support station I heal nearly 8% of my total health a second, have 39% skill haste, 36% signature ability gain, an overheal and of course can revive myself and get 30% damage reduction if I go down. Pulse has 100% uptime from determined and skill haste. If there are enough NPCs around your tact link will be ready to go as soon as the 60 second cool down is over. When I used skilled and commanding I got it back a few times before it was done.

Always remember to proc talented before placing your support station.

When doing group content I switch out the two sig ability mods for skill haste, use all support station range performance mods, and swap the commanding M4 for an M700 Carbon with talented, coolheaded and balanced. If someone else is running pulse I will switch that for a booster shot or defib. I find it is hard to keep the tact link going with commanding because your group will be getting more kills than you.

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