The Pred Shredder

If you’re like me you’re constantly throwing together different and weird builds. Yes, I have all the 6 piece builds but running them just isn’t fun to me anymore. A part of the game that keeps me coming back is the ability to create your own. Last night I threw something against the wall to see if it would stick and boy did it. I threw together a build that is now saved and referred to as the Pred Shredder.

If you’re like me, then you think the 6 piece Pred is extremely annoying. It’s a part of the popular PvP builds in the game and everybody knows about it. Although it’s annoying, it definitely isn’t OP. I actually think the game is in a decent balance right now with its builds outside of running Strikers with any shotgun. The build below will allow you to win 8-9/10 showdowns with a Pred player. I apologize if this was mentioned before but I haven’t seen it and I used this build last night with success.


-House rolled with Deadly, Responsive, Card counter

-ACR rolled with Predatory, Deadly, Determined.

-FM chest piece rolled for Stamina, Exotic Damage Resistance, health and Ammo.

-Pred mask rolled for Firearms, Exotic Damage Resistance, and Burn resistance.

-Pred mark knee pads rolled for Stamina, Exotic Damage Resistance, Shock resistance, Burn resistance, Bleed resistance

-Ninja bag rolled with Stamina, Stability (not by choice) and ammo

-Savage gloves rolled with Firearms, SMG damage, Crit chance and crit damage.

-Nomad holster rolled with crit chance.

Now you can go several different ways with your gear mods and the last piece of the build. I went with health mods and nomad for the survivability. You could also go skill haste with Tactitian. Which ever suits your play style better will work because you’re not taking away from the main part of this build which is the Exotic Damage Resistance.


  • 5000/7000/3000
  • Conceal pulse with Immunizer
  • On the move, combat medic, critical save, Adrenline
  • With your pulse and savage you should be close to if not at the crit chance cap.
  • You should be around 95-100% crit damage.

Now a brief explanation of the synergy of this build. You should have 50%+ Exotic Damage Resistance. This is a massive chunk of damage you’re taking away from Pred players. The 2 piece pred and savage provide this build with more than enough firepower to win gun battles against other builds. Every kill provides you with 15% health on kill as well as 30% incoming damage reduction so you can stay in the fight and you usually won’t bleed out after winning your pred encounters.

Let me know what you guys think or if you see anything that can help this build improve!!!

Edit = After some further game play and a closer look at my set up, I’ve made some adjustments. I’ve removed the Savage gloves and the one piece Nomad and replaced it with 2 piece Banshee for the 10% dmg to targets out of cover. I believe we have a winner!!!!!

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