Theorycrafting: 1.6 Legendary PVE Support

Build Objective

The goal of this build is to provide maximum damage mitigation and healing to a team through high skill power. We will be maximizing skill power over potentially BIS alternatives and focusing on skills, talents, and weapon talents that improve team survivability and skill uptime. In my opinion, the best two skills and signature skill to accomplish these goals will be:

  • Signature Skill: Recovery Link
  • Smart Cover: Recharger (or Trapper if you want the shorter cooldown)
  • Support Station: Life Support

Other Options Considered

The case could be made for Booster Shot over Life Support, but only if your teammates are running Vigorous Chests in my opinion. The skill power is going to be so high, that they will absolutely get an overdose. If they do not have Vigorous on, then it’s just a waste of skill power. If you do Booster Shot, you will want to have Triage instead of Battle Buddy or Critical Save (in my opinion).

In addition, the case could be made to improve individual survivability by using Health as a Major Attribute on the Backpack, Kneepads, and Holster. I didn’t run the numbers on this, but I think you would gain about 50K toughness (perhaps a bit more) at the cost of 25K skill power (before considering percentage-based buffs) and 6% Skill Haste. I could certainly see the value of this, so you should strongly consider it as an alternative to the build presented below.


God bless you u/spydr101 for your gear spreadsheet ( and u/MarcoStyleNL for your best-in-slot video ( I rely on your work a lot for creating my builds, and really appreciate all you do. Hopefully, my theory-crafting does your work justice.

The values provided below are the 80th percentile values for primary stats and armor, and average values for Major and important Minor Attributes. So, this build assumes some level of min-maxing, but you don’t need 100th percentile god rolls for everything to achieve the numbers at the end.

Body Armor

  • Talent: Barrett’s Bulletproof Vest
  • Armor: 1,943+
  • Primary Stat: Electronics (1,240+)
  • Major Attributes (2): Skill Haste (8%+), Health (16,176+)
  • Minor Attribute: Ammo Capacity


  • Talent: Tactician’s Authority
  • Armor: 971+
  • Primary Stat: Electronics (1,240+)
  • Major Attribute: Skill Power (9,730+)
  • Minor Attribute: Damage vs Elites (10%+)


  • Talent: Tactician’s Authority
  • Armor: 1,618+
  • Primary Stat: Electronics (1,240+)
  • Major Attribute: Skill Power (12,941+)
  • Minor Attributes (3): Damage vs Elites (13.5%+), Burn Resistance, Disrupt Resistance (I assume the Legendary NPCs can cause these status effects, but I could be wrong about that).


  • Talent: Specialized
  • Armor: 1,294+
  • Primary Stat: Electronics (1,240+)
  • Major Attribute: Skill Power (12,941+)
  • Minor Attribute: Disrupt Resistance


  • Talent: Tactician’s Authority
  • Armor: 971+
  • Primary Stat: Electronics (1,240+)
  • Major Attributes (3): Skill Haste (8%+), Weapon Damage, the third isn’t as important
  • Minor Attribute: N/A


  • Talent: Tactician’s Authority
  • Armor: 971+
  • Primary Stats (3): Firearms (1,240+), Stamina (1,240+), Electronics (1,240+)
  • Major Attributes: Skill Haste (6%+)
  • Minor Attribute: N/A

Gear Mods

  • Primary Stat (5): Electronics (259+) x5
  • Bonus Stat (5): Skill Power (3,235+) x5

Weapon and Mods

edit: Credit to u/Sipowitz for his help here. See his comment below. I made some changes to this section from the original post based on his idea.

Primary Weapon and Mods

The primary weapon is used when skills are active or when stacking the Tactician’s 4 pieces before deploying skills. If you want to go to GS 229 gear score you can get Talented unlocked, but it will be harder to proc it since it is on-kill and you are by definition doing less damage.

  • Gear Score: 256
  • Weapon: Caduceus
  • Free Talent: Caduceus
  • Other Talents (2): N/A (No other talents can be unlocked at GS 256)
  • Muzzle: Large or SR-7 Suppressor (Crit Hit Damage, Headshot Damage, Crit Hit Chance)
  • Grip: Small Grip (Critical Hit Damage, Optimal Range, Reload Speed)
  • Magazine: Extended Magazine (Mag Size, Crit Hit Chance, Rate of Fire)
  • Sight: Reflex or 552 Holosight (Crit Hit Chance, Headshot Damage, Crit Hit Damage)

Secondary Weapon and Mods

The Secondary Weapon is used when skills are on cooldown.

  • Gear Score: 229
  • Weapon: Surplus or Paratrooper SVD
  • Free Talent: Coolheaded (cannot be unlocked at this level of Firearms, even at 229 GS)
  • Other Talents (2): Talented, Competent
  • Muzzle: Omega Rifle Suppressor (Headshot Damage, Crit Hit Chance, Crit Hit Damage)
  • Grip: Small Grip (Critical Hit Damage, Optimal Range, Reload Speed)
  • Magazine: Extended Magazine (Mag Size, Crit Hit Chance, Rate of Fire)
  • Sight: VX-1 Scope 12x (Headshot Damage, Crit Hit Chance, Crit Hit Damage)

Performance Mods

The performance mods chosen should vary based on your team composition. If you have Glass Cannon Snipers on your team, then focus the performance mods on Smart Cover Damage Resilience. If you have team members that like to move around a lot, then focus on Support Station Range. Of course, you could split the difference and do two of each. I personally would recommend the Smart Cover Damage Resilience given the immense power of All Damage Resilience. Regardless of choice, you want the maximum values on your performance mods. The extra half-percents make a huge difference.

  • Option 1: Smart Cover Damage Resilience (3.0%) x4
  • Option 2: Support Station Range (7.5%) x4


  • Battle Buddy
  • Critical Save
  • Combat Medic
  • Death by Proxy (I assume the Legendary LMB deploy turrets and support stations)

Build Summary

Key Stats

Primary Stat Distribution

  • Firearms: 2,800
  • Stamina: 2,800
  • Electronics: 9,270

Skill Power and Haste

  • Base Skill Power (Electronics Only): 278,100
  • Permanent Buffed Skill Power: 374,076 (as shown on Inventory Screen)
  • Most Likely Temporary Buffed Skill Power: 506,031 (includes Tactician’s 4 pc., Barrett’s)
  • Max Possible Skill Power: 621,491 (Includes the above and Death by Proxy, Talented)
  • Total Skill Haste Bonus: 32% + Coolheaded
  • Unfortunately, I do not have the model to calculate how much health the support station and how much damage mitigation the smart cover will create at these levels of skill power. My guess is “a lot.”


  • Damage Mitigation: 32.5% (assuming the same WT5 calculation as 1.5)
  • Toughness: 249,410 (assuming same bonus health as PTS)

Skill Power Bonus Details

Permanent Skill Power Bonuses

  • Gear Mods: 16,175
  • Major Attributes: 35,612
  • Specialized: 11,200
  • Tactician’s 3 pc.: 32,989 (assumed the 10% bonus is only taken from Skill Power contributions from Electronics, Gear Mods, Major Attributes, and Specialized – not sure that is the case. This assumption is used for all other percentage-based bonuses listed below).
  • Total Permanent Skill Power Bonuses: 95,976

Likely Temporary Skill Power Bonuses

These are temporary buffs that most players who play strategically will be able to use frequently for maximum impact.

  • Tactician’s 4 pc.: 98,966
  • Barrett’s: 32,989
  • Total Likely Temporary Bonuses: 131,955

Situational Skill Power Bonus

  • Death by Proxy: 65,977
  • Talented: 49,438
  • Total Situational Bonuses: 115,460

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