Top Things You Need to Do in 1.4 that Wasn’t Possible or Even Existed in 1.3

We all love 1.4, that’s a fact. Congrats Massive. I’m having a blast!

I plan to submit an unusual build with mobile cover soon (still need to improve one or two pieces) and I have been testing the skill changes, build variations and play style alternatives we can have now in 1.4. They are really fun and effective.

So I thought of this list of things you can try, use, see and experience in 1.4 that didn’t exist before. Here it is:

  • See your turret 1×1 against a level 33 enemy while you hide behind cover and yell “Go Turret!”. Mine usually wins.
  • Turn PvP shotgunners life into hell by using fire turret, cover or seeker mine and actually beating them before they can two shot you.
  • Shoot a rogue agent (preferably from his back) and actually see their health drop, realizing your weapon is not made of plastic anymore and can actually hurt them.
  • One shot a player with a skill that is not BFG Sticky Bomb. In fact, actually use a Seeker Mine at all.
  • Use a mobile cover for the reason you used to use Smart Cover (damage mitigation + damage improvement). Or, in fact, actually use a mobile cover at all (my friends thought they were invented for the sole purpose of glitching walls)
  • Use Ballistic Shield in PvE and actually play as a tank (in 1.3 it was already good for PvP, even better, but not PvE).
  • Use the new aggro mechanics to get enemies to focus on you as your friend grabs the Supply Drop without Survival Link.
  • Use a marksman rifle other than M1A (yeah, they exist!)
  • Use a assault rifle other than G36 (what? Assault rifle is a weapon type? I thought it was just part of the description of a G36)
  • Kill a whole group of players in PvP with something that is not a SMG (1.2) or a shotgun (1.3).
  • Revive a downed friend in PvP before the rogues can finish him off (that’s probably the best one!). Then run and scape them (because they are gunners and once you get 50 meters between you and them they get scared)
  • Actually use a LMG at all. I’m kidding, in 1.3 you could use it, but since I’m more of a < 1.2 player, it’s still surprising to me how good they are.
  • Use a special skill other than Survival Link
  • Use a special skill that is even more OP than Survival Link used to be (I bet that was not intended lol) and tear through a group of players before they can react to anything, no matter their toughness.
  • See your jaw drop as your whole team stops for 5 seconds in a Incursion to contemplate the movement of the new AI mobs as they get into cover to scape the mortars, run towards their medics to protect them and actually play as a intelligent group (smarter than most of your friends)
  • Rush a group of 4 manhunt players that thought they are still unbeatable with their perfect builds and effective play style and laugh as they easily fall against even the most unprepared player because they lack armor cap and perma-heal.
  • Gearing up and finding near perfect BiS items without ever leaving the BoO by buying caches with credits than selling everything and buying caches with phoenix and then repeating.
  • Spending hours testing out performance mods and making forgotten skills useful again.

The list goes on, but this is my current top ones. What are yours?

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