Two+ Agent DZ XP Farming Route (A Rank 99’s Guide)

Two+ Agent DZ XP Farming Route

(A Rank 99’s Guide)

Many of us have lost a good portion of our lives ever since the Division has launched. I am definitely one of these lost souls. Currently sitting at 238 Hours of true time played, none of that leaving my game open at night for extra hours as my PC goes through enough abuse already.

I streamed the majority of my grind, but the whole time leveling I was never focusing on purely XP. I was always focusing on Division Tech over all. Keeping my zones tech on my own 2 Hour cooldown rotation. Once hitting rank 85 I started having some net issues so off stream I came up with a route that powered me from 85 to 99 in 11 Hours and 29 Minutes total. Now that may seem like only 14 levels, but these are your final Dark Zone ranks that are 100,000 XP+ Ranks. Unfortunately my uplay has my max DZ rank bugged at 87, so on the leaderboards I just see people passing me every day. ;_; If anyone know how to fix that let me know.

Within the DZ there are no missions so that means Kill XP is a great gain here. You will want to prioritize this over ANY other stat or talent, unless it is vital to your source of damage. In DZ 1-2 I was getting around 300-320 XP per kill. You can compare the different DZ zones to missions on different difficulties. There is no real gain for challenging harder mobs when it comes to XP per kill. You would rather breeze through the easy mobs and only shave a few XP off, rather than struggle and lose time.

Running this route I my main strength was my Custom M44, with Crit Damage, 6% health on kill, and luckily Skilled on the Signature Talent (Meaning no attribute requirements) Skilled is a huge benefit to this run as it can keep your Ultimate up landmark to landmark. Skills were DMG Pulse, Offensive Ult, DMG cover buff.

So with all that being said, here you guys go:



Some extra info to assist

The point is to clear this as fast as possible, putting each landmark on your own cooldown so they spawn as you approach it the next time around. No one will be able to intervene with your route once you set it in stone one time and even if they assist in clearing it’s still there for the next time around fitting the same timer. Remember that the loot will stay on the ground for 2 laps. Keep in mind it will help if you guys switch places each loop unless you have good clearing speed if you want to access all the loot. Definitely for those Phoenix credits as well. We were quick enough to have time to loot. You will waste time trying to pick up each and every piece of loot so prioritize 9 items for each lap as I fit in a perfect extraction time.

Starting @ the Sports Center the player clearing the top will want to pull aggro first from the North East open window because it makes an extremely easy AI pattern for him. After he pulls the 2nd Agent will be clearing from the bottom up.

Moving along to the Library. One player can clear while one rearms if you are low on ammo, but make sure you are picking up as much as possible just to keep the momentum.

Next Agent 1 will clear the courtyard while Agent 2 takes the rope up the Construction building to the top floor. Once Agent 1 is done he will go in through the bottom floor just in case the mobs decided to spawn down there. (Sometimes they spawn up top)

Leaving the Div Tech / Construction site Agent 2 will clear trash mobs to the east, then move along to the parking garage to clear those mobs. Agent 1 will be clearing the Landmark #4.

Agent 2 leaving the parking garage will then go call in Extraction, and rally with Agent 1 in the alleys to take care of the very southern boss. After killing this the chopper should arrive and you should have just enough time to make it to extract and follow the Back Track.

If you are on a numerous lap and one of the agents needs to empty stash, he will follow the red line after killing the Southern Boss, leave through checkpoint, fast travel to the closest Safe House that is just a tad south east. Once emptying quickly run back to the same checkpoint you left from and reunite with your buddy.

So I hope this guide helps some of you guys.

And remember, kill any punk ass agent killing your mobs :^ )

Easy farming folks,

Source: /u/snipernamedg

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