ULTIMATE End Game Build DPS Comparison

ULTIMATE End Game Build DPS Comparison —–> File – Download As Microsoft Excel

  • Download a copy to Excel for all formatting and formulas to work as intended

Example Build Comparison

Weapon/Build Data Entry

  • This is the only section of the spreadsheet where you need to populate data. All cell will then correctly populate via formula and conditional formatting. As always, download an excel copy to ensure all formatting works as intended.

Individual Bullet Damage Tables

  • First glance these tables are a bit “overkill” but I left them visible if you want to compare two marksman rifles when you might not care about DPS but rather individual bullet damage.

DPS By Category Comparisons

  • Eight different DPS comparisons
  • Sustained DPS = (Magazine Damage)/(Time To Fire Magazine + Time To Reload Magazine)
  • Burst DPS = (Magazine Damage)/(Time To Fire Magazine)
    • Burst DPS is NOT PvP DPS. With more challenging content on the horizon Burst damage is needed in PvE content also.

QOL Changes Requested For Version 2.0

  • Drop down list for weapon type and weapon name
    • Allowing a “God Roll” 0-100% base damage field to be added
  • As Gear Sets are released, separate tables that display their bonus damage
  • Checkbox system that allows the big damage “Active” weapon talents to toggle on and off, such as “Unhinged”

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