The Ultimate Medic Build

The Ultimate Medic Build

As a casual player I don’t really have as many hours invested in the game as some of the super-ferocious face-melting PvP’ers…

…so I have been perfecting  The Ultimate Medic Build  build which pretty much saves every group I have been part of and lets any group tear through mission and incursions.

This build is set up to provide maximum protection to you as a medic and ensure you cannot die unless you absolutely screw up. You must be willing to sacrifice the glory of the kills since you are not a tank; you don’t want to pull too much aggro.

Baseline Build

  • 2 x AlphaBridge
  • 4 x Nomad

You can swap in and out of the items that you personally want.

This build gives 100% healing from Alpha but most importantly the Nomad 4 piece gives you instant resurrection from death every 4 minutes which is why we are going to stack it with…

Skills and Abilities

  • Survivor Link

Survivor Link plus the Nomad resurrection pretty much ensures your team can never actually die since you will always be resurrected to blast out a Survivor Link.

  • First Aid with mod: Booster Shot

I choose this over Revive because you have plenty of ways of reviving opponents. It’s much better to boost your damage defence and also add health.

  • Support Station with mod: Revive players

Throwing down a support station lets you move around the battle space picking off weaker mobs, suppressing and generally healing in other locations.

ALT This may be healing overkill so feel free to swap this out for Shock Turret which pins enemies in place and provides you enough protection to get out of danger and pop a Survivor Link.

If you run Shock Turret always combine it with Fear Tactics; your group will thank you when Elites are forced to take a knee due to shock.

The four abilities I recommend are

  • Battle Buddy (reduces damage for you and the healed party)
  • Combat Medic (pop a med pack to heal everyone)
  • Triage (reduce skills cool downs just by being a medic)
  • Evasive Action (cover to cover reduced incoming damage and aggro)

This build out gives you a lot of ways of keeping your team alive and the more “medical” work you do the quicker your skills cool down.


Since you are going to sniping from the rear a lot you are going to need a good LMG that you can control or, I recommend, an excellent assault rifle which is modded/rolled to deal additional damage from distance.

I personally run with

  • Hunting Rifle with Brutal, Accurate and Adept
  • Socom Scar L with Adept (increases my Crit by using skills) and Prepared (DmG is 15% increased over 30 metres away) and Fierce (DMG 10% against Elite and Named)

This lets me melt some mobs from distance especially with headshots.

Performance Mods

I have space for 3 mods in my build and I run

  • Support Station Health 6%
  • Self-Heal 5%
  • Turret Health 6% for when I swap in Shock and Fear Tactics

So that’s it guys, that my Medic build and if you see me on PS4 drop me a friend request.

For stats;

  • 190 DPS with assault rifle
  • 300K toughness
  • 98K skill power

EDIT to add: I call this build a Medic build but I can get up close and personal with Elites as long as I am using the Assualt Rifle. In a team of four I am normally dealing 2nd or 3rd most damage.

The Hunting Rifle is largely useless in a 4 man firefight due to mob scaling but when soloing I can headshot-kill 3 or 4 mobs easily from distance.

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