Update 1.5 / Survival – All you need to know

We have tested it on the PTS and now it is here – Update 1.5 and the Survival DLC (at least for PC and Xbox) will drop on November 22nd and this is what you need to know to get a good start in the next chapter of The Division


PS4 Release Date for Survival

Survival will be deployed on PS4 on December 20th



New World Tier & New Gear Score

With 1.4 we got a complete rework of The Division, a new World Tier system and almost all Gear Sets were overhauled. With Update 1.5 this transition and reboot comes full circle and finishes what 1.4 started. We have with World Tier 5 a new difficulty and with 256 a new Gear Score that allows the community to gear up together and level the playing field. So in practice you have to refarm your gear again, but with the new loot system, the higher drop rates and the Sealed Caches you get from Field Proficiency and the other activities, you can gear up a lot faster than back in 1.3.


Update 1.5 Preparations

For this Update the preparations are a bit different. This time there is no point stacking Sealed Caches you looted before the update, because the Gear Score of the items in these caches is calculated when you loot them, which means that you will not get any GS 256 weapons or any items that are exclusive to Tier 5 from them. In addition to that, after Update 1.5 drops, the caches that are sold at the vendors will scale with your Gear Score, so you will just get GS 163 items from caches you bought before 1.5 drops. Based on that, the only thing you can do before Tuesday is max out your Phoenix Credits, your funds and your crafting materials so you can buy caches and blueprints when 1.5 drops.


Just to summarize the mechanics of the Sealed Caches:

  • Caches that were purchased from the vendors before Update 1.5 will automatically drop items at Gear Score 163. This is because the caches sold at the vendors will now scale with your actual Gear Score and everything purchased before will be considered level 30 (Gear Score 163) quality.
  • All the other caches have the Gear Score of the items within them determined when they are looted. This won’t change if you save and open them after Update 1.5 is released so there is no reason to hang on to them.
  • You won’t get GS 256 weapons or equipment that is exclusive for Tier 5 after 1.5 drops from caches that you loot before 1.5.


The Update 1.5 economy

There have also been changes to the rewards:


To prevent Phoenix Credits farming in lower World Tiers they increased the rewards in the higher tiers for a range of different activities both for normal Credits and Phoenix Credits, making sure that the time investment versus rewards is balanced. The exception to this rule is World Tier 1, where they lowered the credits rewards slightly. For example, in Update 1.5, a Challenging Incursion in World Tier 2 rewards 100 Phoenix Credits, just like it does now. This reward is increased to 120 in World Tier 3, 165 in World Tier 4 and jumps up to 270 in World Tier 5.


Vendors will now offer items based on your actual Gear Score, not World Tier, making them consistent with the level 1-30 experience, where vendors always sold items relevant to your level. This also applies to the vendor caches you can buy, where the price scales depending on the Gear Score of the items inside. This means that the caches on the higher World Tiers, from WT4 and above, will be slightly more expensive, but since they increase the amount of currency you gain in the higher World Tiers, they need to make sure that they maintain a balance between those gains and the costs of the caches.


In addition to normal loot drops, enemies now have a chance to drop crafting materials. Chances to drop higher quality materials increases with World Tier.


PVP Changes – Stagger and Enemy Armor Damage

As planned and tested on the PTS, the Enemy Armor Damage attribute and Weapon Talents such as Destructive will have an effect in PvP, but it will not have the same impact as in PVE. It will have a separate PVP modifier that can changed server side.


In addition to that, the stagger mechanic will also have an effect in PvP. High-stagger weapons, like shotguns and marksman rifles, will now cause the target’s aim to flinch. This is in no way as extreme as it used to be with explosive bullets, but they felt that stagger should have at least some form of role to play in PvP.

Both changes are under close observation.


Increasing of the Stash Size

It has been requested since launch and now with Update 1.5 we get it: The Stash size is increased from 70 to 150 items.


New Weapons

With Update 1.5 we get 12 new weapon types with unique talents and mechanics. These new weapon types drop exclusively on Tier 5.


  • MG5 Light Machinegun
  • Infantry MG5 Light Machinegun
  • Famas Assault Rifle
  • Model 700 Marksman Rifle
  • M700 Tactical Marksman Rifle
  • M700 Carbon Marksman Rifle
  • Converted USC Submachinegun
  • Police UMP-45 Submachinegun
  • Tactical UMP-45 Submachinegun
  • Snub nosed Rhino Pistol
  • Rhino Pistol
  • Rhino Special Pistol
  • 93R Pistol (burst fire pistol)


As usual YouTuber WOBO did a work-up on these weapons and rated them based on damage and handling:



New Named Weapons

While you will be able to get the 12 weapons above from any activity and even buy them from vendors on Tier 5, these are the four new Named Weapons, that are a bit harder to get:


  • Golden Rhino
  • Urban MDR Assault Rifle (old B.L.I.N.D Rifle)
  • Tommy Gun
  • Thompson M1928


Currently we don´t know the all the specifics of these new weapons, but we know that the Golden Rhino is a tank weapon that has threat and a stagger built into it. On the PTS the Golden Rhino dropped at the end of Dragon´s Nest Incursion.


The Urban MDR on the other hand is the reworked B.L.I.N.D Assault Rifle. It is a semi automatic assault rifle and it does more damage against enemies under a status effect.


In contrary to the new Weapon Types or the new Named Items, these new Named Weapons can drop on all World Tiers and scale just like all previous named weapons.


New Named Items

With Update 1.5 they are adding six special Named Items that are exclusive to World Tier 5. There is one piece available for each Gear Slot and they all come with a unique individual talent. You can get these items from Survival and Field Proficiency caches, but they primarily drop from very specific places in the game that “makes sense for them narratively”. Currently we don´t have all drop-locations confirmed, but there will be a summary once we have all the information.


Items (Twitter)


As stated before, these are the numbers and the descriptions from the PTS and could change in the live version.


Skulls MC Gloves

  • Damage increased by 16% when no gear set bonuses are active


Colonel Bliss’ holster

  • Hitting a target consecutively with a sidearm increases your weapon damage by 2% for 20 seconds. This effect stacks until 10 shots, after with the stacks is consumed and triggers and EMP effect.
    =>General Assembly Story Mission


Ninjabike messenger bag

  • Drop 1 fewer public items and lose 20% less XP when killed in the Dark Zone


Barrett’s Bulletproof chestpiece

  • No skills on cooldown increases Skillpower by 10%
  • One skill on cooldown increases Damage by 5%
  • Two skills on cooldown increases armor by 10%

    =>Lexington Event Center Story Mission


Shortbow championship pads

  • Reduces grenade fuse time to 0.2 sec

    => Madison Field Hospital (needs to be confirmed)


Ferro’s Oxygen Mask

  • User can run and shoot their weapon while burning

    => Napalm Production Site


New Gear Set

With Update 1.5 we get one new Gear Set – the long awaited FrontLine set, that was in the E3 build of the Underground expansion. It allows you to use an SMG with a Ballistic Shield – a dangerous combination in PVP or a useful combination as a Tank.



  • 2 pieces:

    +15% Protection from Elites

  • 3 pieces:

    +30% Ballistic Shield Health

  • 4 pieces:

    Allows using an SMG if one is equipped when Ballistic Shield is deployed. SMG Crit Chance is reduced to 0%


Keep in mind, you can´t use your pistol, when you are working with the 4-piese bonus of FrontLine.


What has changed, how do I equip my agent?

We get many “what has happened since I left?” posts these days and unless you have very specific questions about your build, the Community Resources are a very good place to get all the information you need about the different activities, the builds and the general equipment.


=> Community Resources



With the Survival Mode we get a completely new experience in The Division that has its own rules and mechanics. You basically start with nothing but a pistol and you still have to carry out the mission.




Thanks to the PTS we could already test this new mode and collect a few tips and tricks that help you to get started in this new mode:


=> Community Resources

=> Dev Blog: Intelligence Annex #12: Into the Storm


Complete Patch Notes of 1.5

You can read up the full patch notes here: Link


That concludes this summary, hopefully it helps you to get started in this new chapter of The Division.

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